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New Usage

Usage: migrate [options] [command]


   -e, --env <name>   change the environment


   down             migrate down
   up               migrate up (the default command)
   create [title]   create a new migration file with optional [title]
   copy [to, from]  copy migrations from one environment context to another

Running Migrations with Environment Context

  $ migrate -e dev create
    create : migrations/dev/001.js

  $ migrate -e dev up
    up : migrations/dev/001.js
    migration : complete

  $ migrate -e dev down
    down : migrations/dev/001.js
    migration : complete

  $ migrate copy dev prod
    copying : migrations/dev/001.js to migrations/prod/001.js

  $ migrate -e prod up
    up : migrations/prod/001.js
    migration : complete

  $ migrate -e prod down
    down : migrations/prod/001.js
    migration : complete
@slajax slajax Changed --chdir to --env, which creates migration sub dirs with indiv…
…idual .migrate context. Also added copy command for copying migrations upstream logically.

Why need to copy all files between environments?
I can change the connection to the database
I suggest:
$ migrate -env=production
and migrate will created file by name .migrate_production
What do you think?


What if the migrations need to change between environments?

Actually it's more then just environment. This allows you to organize your migrations by any context you wish.

$ migrate create --env mysql 
$ migrate create --env mongo
$ migrate up --env mysql
$ migrate up --env mongo

Copy is probably pointless but it was an easy feature ;)


This is abnormal situation if you have different db structure between environment, i think.
DB in production and development env must be identical.
I suggest use -env param for migration on different db and created migration files
For example:

$migration -env dev -> create file .migration_dev

change db connection

$ migration -env prod -> create file .migration_prod


That's an entirely different pull request all together, so I will let you submit that one @Laboratory.

@slajax slajax closed this Jul 28, 2012

+1 I like this PR!. I need it too.

@slajax slajax reopened this Jul 29, 2012
@slajax slajax closed this Nov 28, 2014
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