Added a numeric index in array stringify to preserve reversability #32

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When stringifying this data structure,

    name: "answer #2",
    choices: [
        {propositionid:'4f47bfe1bc9dd1432900000a', dispo: 'yes'},
            {propositionid:'4f47bfe1bc9dd14329000009', dispo: 'no'}

one gets


As you can notice, there is an ambiguity that prevents the parser from building the data-structure back. When generated this way


Then, everything is alright again. Here is a tentative to fix it.

@tj tj merged commit 5a989a2 into tj:master Feb 24, 2012

When Rails ActionController parses URL parameters, it expects arrays to be encoded without indices:

qs.stringify({a: [1, 2, 3]}) => a[]=1&a[]=2&a[]=3

Is there any way we can bring this behavior back as an option to stringify()?

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