Fixed bug when nested POST variables contained excessive characters #50

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We faced a pity situation when the form

<form ...>
<input name="question[options[a]]" />

being submit returned the object

  question: {
    options: {
      'a]': 'the value'

Found the bug when excessive elements were merged into the object, fixed simply removing them from the parts array being merged.

Note: this is a major-priority bugfix as it may break much functionality!

tj commented Jan 18, 2013

tests please!


tested on our real project =) yet successful =)

tj commented Jan 28, 2013

that doesn't count :p


Okay, what exactly do you mean saying tests please! ?

Damn! Just now read the word tests ... First N times were read as test... Sorry 😝 Anyway, what do you mean?

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