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Commits on Feb 8, 2012
Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. @isaacs

    Fix merge-conflicts in HTML

    isaacs committed
Commits on Feb 6, 2012
  1. @isaacs

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'ry/v0.6'

    isaacs committed
  2. @isaacs
  3. @isaacs

    Upgrade V8 to 3.9.2

    isaacs committed
  4. @AndreasMadsen @isaacs
  5. @AndreasMadsen @isaacs

    cluster: use process.disconnect method

    AndreasMadsen committed with isaacs
    After adding a .disconect method and connected flag in child_process
    we should no longer use the process._channel object.
  6. @AndreasMadsen @isaacs

    cluster: simplify process event handling

    AndreasMadsen committed with isaacs
    This simplify the internalMessage and exit event handling
    And simply relay message and error event to the worker object
    Note that the error event was not relayed before
  7. @TooTallNate @piscisaureus
  8. @koichik

    http: fix http-parser is freed twice

    koichik committed
    after response to CONNECT/Upgrade request.
    Fixes #2704.
  9. @bnoordhuis
  10. @piscisaureus
  11. @bnoordhuis

    Revert support for isolates.

    bnoordhuis committed
    It was decided that the performance benefits that isolates offer (faster spin-up
    times for worker processes, faster inter-worker communication, possibly a lower
    memory footprint) are not actual bottlenecks for most people and do not outweigh
    the potential stability issues and intrusive changes to the code base that
    first-class support for isolates requires.
    Hence, this commit backs out all isolates-related changes.
    Good bye, isolates. We hardly knew ye.
Commits on Feb 5, 2012
  1. @bnoordhuis

    Revert "Add explicit v8 locker"

    bnoordhuis committed
    This reverts commit 11d1eca.
    It sporadically (but reproducibly) triggers an assert inside V8:
      Fatal error in /path/to/node/deps/v8/src/, line 1857
      CHECK(CurrentPerIsolateThreadData()->isolate_ == this) failed
    Needs further investigation.
  2. @koichik
  3. @koichik
Commits on Feb 4, 2012
  1. @laverdet @bnoordhuis

    Add explicit v8 locker

    laverdet committed with bnoordhuis
    v8 requires a lock of each thread using the vm, but if none is
    explicitly is created it will implicitly create one for you. This
    creates issues when trying to build modules which use v8's
    multi-threading features because there's no lock to unlock.
  2. @chjj @bnoordhuis

    fs: fix ReadStream fails to read from existing fd

    chjj committed with bnoordhuis
    A ReadStream constructed from an existing file descriptor failed to start
    reading automatically. Avoids a userspace call to ReadStream.prototype._read().
Commits on Feb 3, 2012
  1. @SaltwaterC @bnoordhuis

    test: add tcp and https DNS error tests

    SaltwaterC committed with bnoordhuis
    net-dns-error: specifc test for the net DNS issue.
    http-dns-error: now it works for HTTPS as well.
  2. @SaltwaterC @bnoordhuis

    net: destroy socket on DNS error

    SaltwaterC committed with bnoordhuis
    The socket was never destroyed on DNS errors. This broke some clients, including
  3. @piscisaureus
  4. @davepacheco @bnoordhuis

    dtrace: add missing translator

    davepacheco committed with bnoordhuis
    Add missing translator for node_dtrace_http_*_request_t types.
    Fixes #2667.
  5. @isaacs

    Now working on v0.6.11

    isaacs committed
  6. @isaacs

    2012.02.02, Version 0.6.10 (stable)

    isaacs committed
    * Update V8 to
    * Add npm msysgit bash shim to msi installer (isaacs)
    * buffers: fix intermittent out of bounds error (Ben Noordhuis)
    * buffers: honor length argument in base64 decoder (Ben Noordhuis)
    * windows: Fix path.exists regression (Bert Belder)
    * Make QueryString.parse run faster (Philip Tellis)
    * http: avoid freeing http-parser objects too early (koichik)
    * timers: add v0.4 compatibility hack (Ben Noordhuis)
    * Proper EPERM error code support (Igor Zinkovsky, Brandon Philips)
    * dgram: Implement udp multicast methods on windows (Bert Belder)
  7. @isaacs

    msi: npm bash shim fixes

    isaacs committed
Commits on Feb 2, 2012
  1. @isaacs

    Patches floating on v8

    isaacs committed
  2. @isaacs

    Upgrade v8 to

    isaacs committed
  3. @isaacs
  4. @bnoordhuis

    buffers: fix intermittent out of bounds error

    bnoordhuis committed
    The base64 decoder would intermittently throw an out-of-bounds exception when
    the buffer in `buf.write('', 'base64')` was a zero-sized buffer located at the
    end of the slab.
    Fixes #2657.
  5. @bnoordhuis

    buffers: honor length argument in base64 decoder

    bnoordhuis committed
    Honor the length argument in `buf.write(s, 0, buf.length, 'base64')`. Before
    this commit, the length argument was ignored. The decoder would keep writing
    until it hit the end of the buffer. Since most buffers in Node are slices of
    a parent buffer (the slab), this bug would overwrite the content of adjacent
    The bug is trivially demonstrated with the following test case:
        var assert = require('assert');
        var a = Buffer(3);
        var b = Buffer('xxx');
        a.write('aaaaaaaa', 'base64');
        assert.equal(b.toString(), 'xxx');
    This commit coincidentally also fixes a bug where Buffer._charsWritten was not
    updated for zero length buffers.
  6. @piscisaureus

    uv: upgrade to 267e75d

    piscisaureus committed
  7. @piscisaureus
  8. @piscisaureus
  9. @bluesmoon @isaacs

    Make QueryString.parse run faster

    bluesmoon committed with isaacs
    Use decodeURIComponent when appropriate, and only fall back to
    querystring.decode if it throws, or if the character is a '+'.
    Fix #2248
Commits on Feb 1, 2012
  1. @bnoordhuis

    Revert "Process symlinked shared library as .node"

    bnoordhuis committed
    This reverts commit 7e0bf7d.
    It's possible to make GYP generate an XCode project that produces a .node file,
    hence this commit is no longer needed.
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