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Further document no_ready_check.

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@@ -180,6 +180,11 @@ every command on a client.
* `socket_nodelay`: defaults to `true`. Whether to call setNoDelay() on the TCP stream, which disables the
Nagle algorithm on the underlying socket. Setting this option to `false` can result in additional throughput at the
cost of more latency. Most applications will want this set to `true`.
+* `no_ready_check`: defaults to `false`. When a connection is established to the Redis server, the server might still
+be loading the database from disk. While loading, the server not respond to any commands. To work around this,
+`node_redis` has a "ready check" which sends the `INFO` command to the server. The response from the `INFO` command
+indicates whether the server is ready for more commands. When ready, `node_redis` emits a `ready` event.
+Setting `no_ready_check` to `true` will inhibit this check.
var redis = require("redis"),
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