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Personal fork of npm with the following changes:

  • adds support for public & private semver-friendly github tarballs
  • output formatting changes as shown below
  • better search output with github repository links that you can cmd+click to view
  • remove some error reporting that is only useful to people debugging npm
  • remove annoying readme and repository field warnings


$ npm install -g visionmedia/npm


Subjectively cleaner output:


Search output with useful github urls, no indirection, use cmd+dblclick to open in the browser.

GitHub semver

If you've ever tried using private github repositories instead of a private npm registry, you've probably failed. This fork of npm adds semver support for exactly that.

For example the following component-style dependency definitions allow you to specify the username/repository, as well as the version - this is true for both public and private repos.

"dependencies": {
  "visionmedia/debug": "~0.7.0",
  "visionmedia/private": "1.x"

For authentiation you need to create an access token:

Then run:

$ npm config set github-token <token>


Whatever npm is + MIT

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