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@@ -35,9 +35,6 @@ Ok, then do this:
`npm ls`
-If you just want to see the names, and not all the registry data, you
-can do: `npm ls installed --no-registry` to turn off the registry.
## How do I search for packages?
`npm search`
@@ -46,10 +43,17 @@ Arguments are greps. `npm ls jsdom` shows jsdom packages.
## How do I update npm?
-`npm update npm -g`
+**NOTE**: This is the release candidate documentation. To update to the
+newer 1.0 release candidate, do this:
+ npm install npm@rc -g
+Once 1.0 is stable, do this:
-You can also update all outdated packages by doing `npm update` without
-any arguments.
+ npm update npm -g
+You can also update all outdated local packages by doing `npm update` without
+any arguments, or global packages by doing `npm update -g`.
## What is a `package`?
@@ -72,6 +76,7 @@ after packing it up into a tarball (b).
You don't. Try one of these:
* <>
+* <>
* <>
## How can I use npm for development?
@@ -84,7 +89,7 @@ awesomely handy.
## Can I list a url as a dependency?
Yes. It should be a url to a gzipped tarball containing a single folder
-that has a package.json in its root.
+that has a package.json in its root. (See "what is a package?" above.)
## OK, but can I list a git repo as a dependency?
@@ -98,13 +103,19 @@ It's possible that something a bit more snazzy will be developed at some
point in the future, but not likely. The current system allows for a
lot of use cases, and is very easy to maintain.
+If you really really want to have the latest checkout in your program,
+you can clone the git repo, and then `npm link` it, and then `npm link
+<name>` in any packages that use it to install the link locally to that
## How do I symlink to a dev folder so that I don't have to keep re-installing?
See `npm help link`
## The package registry website. What is that exactly?
-See `npm help registry` for more info.
+See `npm help registry` for more info, or just visit
## What's up with the insecure channel warnings?
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