'pomo complete' doesn't stop a task #39

jhwist opened this Issue Feb 22, 2013 · 3 comments


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In lieu of pomo stop (see #28) I thought setting a task to complete would also stop it, alas it doesn't.

wist@box:~$ pomo list
   0. Test                                               : 25 minutes
✓  1. Another task                                       : 20 minutes
   2. Third task                                         : 25 minutes
                                                            70 minutes
wist@box:~$ pomo start 0
wist@box:~$ pomo complete 0
  - Completed Test
wist@box:~$ pomo start 2
a task is already running

Unless there are any objections, I am going to make pomo run exclusively as a background process and eliminate pomo start --progress. This will make this feature much easier to implement and it seems no one is using it as a foreground process anyway.


@stephenmckinney sounds good to me! Just started using pomo with tmux and was wondering how to stop a task 👍


Is anyone working on this? or #28?

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