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stephenmckinney added some commits Dec 2, 2012
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds notification support for Mac OS X User Notifications and libnoti…
…fy [#23]
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates required commander version 0c78130
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Improves notification messages [#23] c2eb6fc
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds `ls` as an alias to `list` 102dafb
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Refactors notification code slightly [#23] 140d5c1
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates gem structure to follow Bundler best practices 8d1eade
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Renames files to interim name for capitalization 640783c
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Capitalizes history and readme files 2f2b9a6
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds RSpec as a development dependency 240a1c6
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Refactors notifiers to easily extend in the future [#23] d844cd2
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Refactors notifier to accept a hash of options [#23] 28bf9a5
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Strips trailing whitespace 7c73078
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds detach mode. On by default. [#1] 73d0f3f
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Fixes list not saving in detached process [#1] 2c4400e
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds writing of pomo timer to ~/.pomo_stat
This enables Vim and Tmux status lines to read this file
and display the current time left in a Pomodoro.
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Moves .pomo loading to List.initialize e998e0c
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds ability to add/rm tasks during running tasks in detach mode. [#1]
Also locks `pomo start` so that other pomo cannot be started
while others are running.
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates HISTORY.md for 2.0.0 release b76bb35
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates README.md for 2.0.0 release 0d389dc
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Use ENV['HOME'] rather than expand_path 3f33db1
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds configuration file ~/.pomorc, tmux integration, refactors code
options include notifier, pomo_stat, and tmux.
* default notifier depends on OS
* default writing to ~/.pomo_stat file is false
* default tmux integration is false
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds Quicksilver notifier [#23] a9667ed
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Removes Manifest file in favor of Bundler 5ff4fa1
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates README and HISTORY 1b6dbea
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adjust pomo_stat output for Breaks
Break output: *4:00

Task output: 4:00

The star can be used in regexp to add color in tmux
status bar.
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates author information in gemspec 2ca425a
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates MIT license year d977a7c
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Fixes import of Github Issues [#2] [#11] 38f7a58
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Updates gemspec to be more pessimistic a55cc93
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds pomo status script to be used in tmux status bar or similar cd72d9f
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Minor update to README and HISTORY bd8edf8
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Minor code cleanup
* double quotes => single quotes
* gem => spec
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Makes tmux integration more tightly integrated
The use of a generic ~/.pomo_stat file would be useful if users
want to display pomo status in more than just tmux. Until that
becomes apparent, let's just hard-code the tmux colors without all
the cat/sed parsing.
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Moves 'Started task' message to notifier for background progress [#23] 66fd8de
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Adds support for importing a single Github issue [#2] 7e08377
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney Release 2.0.0
Following SemVer as backwards incompatible changes have been
introduced. `pomo start` runs in the background by default.
To get 1.x progress bar, users must execute `pomo start -p`
@stephenmckinney stephenmckinney merged commit 0e4c45f into tj:master Dec 16, 2012
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