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zlx commented Feb 20, 2013

your pomo list can be like this:

$ pomo ls
    0. modify for order task                              : 1 tomatos
    1. learn rails activepack                             : 2 tomatos
    2. learn haskell                                      : 1 tomatos
    3. learn programming                                  : 1 tomatos
                                              0 minutes and 5 tomatos

jhwist commented Feb 22, 2013

Yes please! +1 on that one.


stephenmckinney commented Feb 28, 2013

0 minutes and 5 tomatos? What does a tomato represent?

zlx commented Feb 28, 2013

A tomato represent 25 minutes or any piece of time for you. you can focus on work during this time

zlx commented Feb 28, 2013

May be you can work with pomodoro timer on linux


stephenmckinney commented Feb 28, 2013

OK so if a tomato is a unit of work, say 25 mins or even 60 mins. Shouldn't this unit of work be defined in the config not per task?

jhwist commented Feb 28, 2013

Yes, ideally I would like to see it like so:

  • global configuration for tomato length, default 25minutes
  • number of tomatoes estimated for a task
  • automatic execution of a 'tomato set', e.g. 4 tomatoes with a 5 minute break after each and a long break (25-30minutes) after the fourth.

I can highly recommend to read

zlx commented Feb 28, 2013

Good, I highly dependent pomodoro, And now I work with pomo and pomodoro timer in linux. But if pomo can work independent with tomato working style, I'll abandon pomodoro timer.

now for me, pomo notification is weak and auto take break and quick stop is also needed

👍 for merging please - this is the one feature that's stopping me using pomo.

Schwad commented Nov 27, 2014

Sweet lord that would be amazing.... then I wouldn't have to have a pomo list with some items put 2-6 times in there!

Awesome suggestion @zlx !

zlx closed this Mar 17, 2016

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