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We're happy to accept contributions in the form of new apps, bug fixes, issues, etc. If you want to help out, add a comment on the issue you want to work on and start hacking. Please open a issue for discussion before submitting framework combinations (eg. Backbone + RequireJS).

Pull request guidelines

  • Develop in a topic branch (not master) and submit against the labs folder in the master branch
  • Squash your commits

Submitting a new app

  • Read the App Specification thoroughly
  • Make sure it hasn't already been submitted or declined by searching the issue tracker.
  • Test in the supported browsers
  • Check that it works the same as the other apps
    Temporary: Until we get the other apps up to speed, use this as a reference to check against


Browser Compatibility

  • Chrome: current
  • Firefox: current
  • Opera: current
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Safari 5.1.7+
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