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Due to the current number of MVC/MVVM/MV* frameworks in circulation at the moment, it's not always possible to include each one in TodoMVC, but we would still like to show some of them off here.


ClojureScript + C2

Clojure is a lisp-dialect on the JVM, and ClojureScript is Clojure compiled to JavaScript. This particular submission uses the C2 Clojure library, which is (roughly) what would happen if Knockout.js and D3.js had a baby and raised it on a diet of 100% organic, free-range, immutable data structures.


Backbone with sorting

Backbone example with sorting of todos using jQuery UI.


Backbone.Marionette is a composite application library for Backbone.js that aims to simplify the construction of large scale JavaScript applications. It is a collection of common design and implementation patterns found in the applications that I (Derick Bailey) have been building with Backbone, and includes various pieces inspired by composite application architectures, such as Microsoft's "Prism" framework.

ExtJS using widgets

AngularJS + Persistence.js

Ember.js + Persistence.js