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Notification effects do not work with Bootstrap #33

powmedia opened this Issue · 4 comments

3 participants


I'm using UIKit for notifications, and I'm also using Twitter Bootstrap (v2.0).

I can get notifications to appear, but none of the effect animations work. If I remove Bootstrap from the page, then the animations work. Haven't been able to figure out why this is yet.

tj commented

oh interesting, maybe they use those class names as well? if you find out comment on #25

@tj tj closed this

I was thinking that must be the problem so I tried renaming the CSS classes for .notification.slide to .notification.ui-slide and then calling `ui.notify(msg).effect('ui-slide') but there was no change. If it was a CSS class name clash shouldn't that have sorted it?

tj commented

hmm yeah I would think so unless they're using .notification as well


I know this issue is already closed, but...

Is there a way to make UIKit work along with Twitter Bootstrap?

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