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The source code of the free book PicoLisp by Example

Why PicoLisp? Short answer: PicoLisp as a language is maximizing expressive power while minimizing complexity

PicoLisp is a very simple and succinct, yet expressive language - and it is free (MIT/X11 License). Furthermore, PicoLisp has two characteristic features which are not found to that extent in other languages:

  • An integrated database
  • Equivalence of code and data

These two features alone, and how they are used in combination, make it worth to take a closer look at PicoLisp.

The book PicoLisp by Example has three parts:

  1. 99 Lisp Problems (with PicoLisp solutions for more than half of them)
  2. Rosetta Code Tasks (more than 600 PicoLisp solutions)
  3. PicoLisp Function Reference (with a complete descriptions of all symbols that constitute the language core)

It is an accompaniment of another volume, PicoLisp Works, ( with (almost) all docs ever written about PicoLisp. Both volumes are freely available as pdf files, e.g. on [Scribd] (

This book is published under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.


The source code of the free book "PicoLisp by Example"



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