Cycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Emulator
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Just give me a copy!



Yes, another Nintendo 64 emulator. This one, however, aims for perfect emulation by emulating the hardware inside of the Nintendo 64 itself, down to the register-transfer level (RTL). At the same time, I've tried to keep things as optimized as possible in hopes that CEN64 will someday run ROMs at full speed, even on modest systems.


CEN64 is my pet project. It's something I pick up whenever I get bored. To me, what Nintendo and SGI did with this console is nothing short of amazing. The ingenuity and design of the hardware was well-ahead of it's time, and it is an absolute blast to reverse-engineer and study. I started this project in order to learn more about what really went on at the hardware level back in the (good old) days.

Thank you to every single one of you developers for filling my childhood with excellent memories. I'd also like to thank the community on all their hard work and effort spent reverse-engineering this little gem. Without further ado... "Get N or get out"!


If you want to contribute, please do! Pull requests are most certainly welcome. Feel free to add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS file as well.

Keyboard controls

  • 3D stick: arrow keys
  • A button: X
  • B button: C
  • Z button: Z
  • Start button: enter
  • L/R buttons: A/S
  • C-pad: TFGH
  • D-pad: IJKL

Build requirements

  • iconv
  • OpenAL
  • OpenGL