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12 Days of Commitmas
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#12 Days of Commitmas

##A community project to get us all a little more familiar with GitHub.

Commit to Commitmas by forking this repository!

##Development Environment

Last year while learning Python, I got a recomendation from Matt Cowger (@mcowger) on PyCharm as an IDE. At first I struggled a bit with it, but I have to say i have grown to really appreciate the spit and polish that this app provides.

One area that I never used was the Git/GitHub integration. While PyCharm does a nice job of making the process as simple as possible, it took me a lot of trial and error to get it to work. I was able to commit, but for some reason the change never made it to GitHub. After pulling what was left of my hair out, I decided to give it one more shot.

The following is the procedure that finally succeded:

  1. Select VCS on Menubar and choose Commit
  2. Add an appropriate comment. Be sure to use assertive language to follow standards
  3. This is the key, instead of just clicking on Commit, hover over button until Commit and Push is shown
  4. Check on GitHub to ensure that the update was Pushed

##Dec 25th 2014

Merry Christmas everyone. Since I did not check in yesterday I decided to make a change from the CLI instead of PyCharm

update changed heading style size.

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