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This directory should contain jars for building and running Voldemort
a) Get Voldemort
> mkdir voldemort-0.81 ; cd voldemort-0.81
> git clone
> git checkout -b 81 origin/release-081
> wget
> tar xvfz voldemort-0.81.tar.gz
> cd voldemort-0.81
b) Copy libs
> ant # inside voldemort-0.81 folder
> cp dist/voldemort-*0.81.jar $YCSB_PATH/db/voldemort/lib/.
> cp lib/*.jar $YCSB_PATH/db/voldemort/lib/.
c) Compile
> ant ; ant dbcompile-voldemort
d) Start test voldemort
> voldemort-0.81/bin/ $YCSB_PATH/db/voldemort/ & # Reads the files in config folder
e) Run YCSB
> java -db -p bootstrap_urls=tcp://localhost:6666
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