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graph_args --upper-limit 100 -l 0
graph_scale no
graph_title JVM CPU Usage
graph_vlabel 1000* CPU time %
graph_category Cassandra
graph_order java_cpu_time java_cpu_user_time
java_cpu_time.label cpu
java_cpu_time.jmxObjectName java.lang:type=Threading
java_cpu_time.jmxAttributeName CurrentThreadCpuTime
java_cpu_time.type DERIVE
java_cpu_time.min 0
java_cpu_time.graph yes
java_cpu_time.cdef java_cpu_time,3000000,/
java_cpu_user_time.label user
java_cpu_user_time.jmxObjectName java.lang:type=Threading
java_cpu_user_time.jmxAttributeName CurrentThreadUserTime
java_cpu_user_time.type DERIVE
java_cpu_user_time.min 0
java_cpu_user_time.graph yes
java_cpu_user_time.cdef java_cpu_user_time,3000000,/
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