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* Reduce memory used by primary index sample (CASSANDRA-3743)
* (Hadoop) separate input/output configurations (CASSANDRA-3197, 3765)
* avoid returning internal Cassandra classes over JMX (CASSANDRA-2805)
* add row-level isolation via SnapTree (CASSANDRA-2893)
* Optimize key count estimation when opening sstable on startup
* multi-dc replication optimization supporting CL > ONE (CASSANDRA-3577)
* add command to stop compactions (CASSANDRA-1740, 3566, 3582)
* multithreaded streaming (CASSANDRA-3494)
* removed in-tree redhat spec (CASSANDRA-3567)
* "defragment" rows for name-based queries under STCS, again (CASSANDRA-2503)
* Recycle commitlog segments for improved performance
(CASSANDRA-3411, 3543, 3557, 3615)
* update size-tiered compaction to prioritize small tiers (CASSANDRA-2407)
* add message expiration logic to OutboundTcpConnection (CASSANDRA-3005)
* off-heap cache to use sun.misc.Unsafe instead of JNA (CASSANDRA-3271)
* EACH_QUORUM is only supported for writes (CASSANDRA-3272)
* replace compactionlock use in schema migration by checking CFS.isValid
* recognize that "SELECT first ... *" isn't really "SELECT *" (CASSANDRA-3445)
* Use faster bytes comparison (CASSANDRA-3434)
* Bulk loader is no longer a fat client, (HADOOP) bulk load output format
* (Hadoop) add support for KeyRange.filter
* remove assumption that keys and token are in bijection
(CASSANDRA-1034, 3574, 3604)
* always remove endpoints from delevery queue in HH (CASSANDRA-3546)
* fix race between cf flush and its 2ndary indexes flush (CASSANDRA-3547)
* fix potential race in AES when a repair fails (CASSANDRA-3548)
* Remove columns shadowed by a deleted container even when we cannot purge
* Improve memtable slice iteration performance (CASSANDRA-3545)
* more efficient allocation of small bloom filters (CASSANDRA-3618)
* Use separate writer thread in SSTableSimpleUnsortedWriter (CASSANDRA-3619)
* fsync the directory after new sstable or commitlog segment are created (CASSANDRA-3250)
* fix minor issues reported by FindBugs (CASSANDRA-3658)
* global key/row caches (CASSANDRA-3143)
* optimize memtable iteration during range scan (CASSANDRA-3638)
* introduce 'crc_check_chance' in CompressionParameters to support
a checksum percentage checking chance similarly to read-repair (CASSANDRA-3611)
* a way to deactivate global key/row cache on per-CF basis (CASSANDRA-3667)
* fix LeveledCompactionStrategy broken because of generation pre-allocation
in LeveledManifest (CASSANDRA-3691)
* finer-grained control over data directories (CASSANDRA-2749)
* Fix ClassCastException during hinted handoff (CASSANDRA-3694)
* Upgrade Thrift to 0.7 (CASSANDRA-3213)
* Make insert operation to use microseconds (CASSANDRA-3725)
* Allows (internally) doing a range query with a limit of columns instead of
rows (CASSANDRA-3742)
* Allow rangeSlice queries to be start/end inclusive/exclusive (CASSANDRA-3749)
* Fix BulkLoader to support new SSTable layout and add stream
throttling to prevent an NPE when there is no yaml config (CASSANDRA-3752)
* Allow concurrent schema migrations (CASSANDRA-1391)
* Add SnapshotCommand to trigger snapshot on remote node (CASSANDRA-3721)
* Make CFMetaData conversions to/from thrift/native schema inverses
* Add initial code for CQL 3.0-beta (CASSANDRA-3781)
* Return InvalidRequest when using a keyspace that doesn't exist
* disallow user modification of System keyspace (CASSANDRA-3738)
* allow using sstable2json on secondary index data (CASSANDRA-3738)
* (cqlsh) format blobs correctly and use colors to improve output
readability (CASSANDRA-3726)
* fix regression in HH page size calculation (CASSANDRA-3624)
* retry failed stream on IOException (CASSANDRA-3686)
* allow configuring bloom_filter_fp_chance (CASSANDRA-3497)
* attempt hint delivery every ten minutes, or when failure detector
notifies us that a node is back up, whichever comes first. hint
handoff throttle delay default changed to 1ms, from 50 (CASSANDRA-3554)
* add nodetool setstreamthroughput (CASSANDRA-3571)
* fix assertion when dropping a columnfamily with no sstables (CASSANDRA-3614)
* more efficient allocation of small bloom filters (CASSANDRA-3618)
* CLibrary.createHardLinkWithExec() to check for errors (CASSANDRA-3101)
* Avoid creating empty and non cleaned writer during compaction (CASSANDRA-3616)
* stop thrift service in shutdown hook so we can quiesce MessagingService
* (CQL) compaction_strategy_options and compression_parameters for
* Reset min/max compaction threshold when creating size tiered compaction
strategy (CASSANDRA-3666)
* Don't ignore IOException during compaction (CASSANDRA-3655)
* Fix assertion error for CF with gc_grace=0 (CASSANDRA-3579)
* Shutdown ParallelCompaction reducer executor after use (CASSANDRA-3711)
* Avoid < 0 value for pending tasks in leveled compaction (CASSANDRA-3693)
* (Hadoop) Support TimeUUID in Pig CassandraStorage (CASSANDRA-3327)
* Check schema is ready before continuing boostrapping (CASSANDRA-3629)
* Catch overflows during parsing of chunk_length_kb (CASSANDRA-3644)
* Improve stream protocol mismatch errors (CASSANDRA-3652)
* Avoid multiple thread doing HH to the same target (CASSANDRA-3681)
* Add JMX property for rp_timeout_in_ms (CASSANDRA-2940)
* Allow DynamicCompositeType to compare component of different types
* Flush non-cfs backed secondary indexes (CASSANDRA-3659)
* Secondary Indexes should report memory consumption (CASSANDRA-3155)
* fix for SelectStatement start/end key are not set correctly
when a key alias is involved (CASSANDRA-3700)
* fix CLI `show schema` command insert of an extra comma in
column_metadata (CASSANDRA-3714)
Merged from 0.8:
* avoid logging (harmless) exception when GC takes < 1ms (CASSANDRA-3656)
* prevent new nodes from thinking down nodes are up forever (CASSANDRA-3626)
* use correct list of replicas for LOCAL_QUORUM reads when read repair
is disabled (CASSANDRA-3696)
* block on flush before compacting hints (may prevent OOM) (CASSANDRA-3733)
* (CQL) fix cqlsh support for replicate_on_write (CASSANDRA-3596)
* fix adding to leveled manifest after streaming (CASSANDRA-3536)
* filter out unavailable cipher suites when using encryption (CASSANDRA-3178)
* (HADOOP) add old-style api support for CFIF and CFRR (CASSANDRA-2799)
* Support TimeUUIDType column names in tool (CASSANDRA-3541)
* (CQL) INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/TRUNCATE commands should allow CF names to
be qualified by keyspace (CASSANDRA-3419)
* always remove endpoints from delevery queue in HH (CASSANDRA-3546)
* fix race between cf flush and its 2ndary indexes flush (CASSANDRA-3547)
* fix potential race in AES when a repair fails (CASSANDRA-3548)
* fix default value validation usage in CLI SET command (CASSANDRA-3553)
* Optimize componentsFor method for compaction and startup time
* (CQL) Proper ColumnFamily metadata validation on CREATE COLUMNFAMILY
* fix compression "chunk_length_kb" option to set correct kb value for
thrift/avro (CASSANDRA-3558)
* fix missing response during range slice repair (CASSANDRA-3551)
* 'describe ring' moved from CLI to nodetool and available through JMX (CASSANDRA-3220)
* add back partitioner to sstable metadata (CASSANDRA-3540)
* fix NPE in get_count for counters (CASSANDRA-3601)
Merged from 0.8:
* remove invalid assertion that table was opened before dropping it
* range and index scans now only send requests to enough replicas to
satisfy requested CL + RR (CASSANDRA-3598)
* use cannonical host for local node in nodetool info (CASSANDRA-3556)
* remove nonlocal DC write optimization since it only worked with
* detect misuses of CounterColumnType (CASSANDRA-3422)
* turn off string interning in json2sstable, take 2 (CASSANDRA-2189)
* validate compression parameters on add/update of the ColumnFamily
* Check for is incorrect in CFIF (CASSANDRA-3584)
* Increase vm.max_map_count in debian packaging (CASSANDRA-3563)
* gossiper will never add itself to saved endpoints (CASSANDRA-3485)
* revert CASSANDRA-3407 (see CASSANDRA-3540)
* fix assertion error while forwarding writes to local nodes (CASSANDRA-3539)
* fix self-hinting of timed out read repair updates and make hinted handoff
less prone to OOMing a coordinator (CASSANDRA-3440)
* expose bloom filter sizes via JMX (CASSANDRA-3495)
* enforce RP tokens 0..2**127 (CASSANDRA-3501)
* canonicalize paths exposed through JMX (CASSANDRA-3504)
* fix "liveSize" stat when sstables are removed (CASSANDRA-3496)
* add bloom filter FP rates to nodetool cfstats (CASSANDRA-3347)
* record partitioner in sstable metadata component (CASSANDRA-3407)
* add new upgradesstables nodetool command (CASSANDRA-3406)
* skip --debug requirement to see common exceptions in CLI (CASSANDRA-3508)
* fix incorrect query results due to invalid max timestamp (CASSANDRA-3510)
* make sstableloader recognize compressed sstables (CASSANDRA-3521)
* avoids race in OutboundTcpConnection in multi-DC setups (CASSANDRA-3530)
* use SETLOCAL in cassandra.bat (CASANDRA-3506)
* fix ConcurrentModificationException in Table.all() (CASSANDRA-3529)
Merged from 0.8:
* fix concurrence issue in the FailureDetector (CASSANDRA-3519)
* fix array out of bounds error in counter shard removal (CASSANDRA-3514)
* avoid dropping tombstones when they might still be needed to shadow
data in a different sstable (CASSANDRA-2786)
* revert name-based query defragmentation aka CASSANDRA-2503 (CASSANDRA-3491)
* fix invalidate-related test failures (CASSANDRA-3437)
* add next-gen cqlsh to bin/ (CASSANDRA-3188, 3131, 3493)
* (CQL) fix handling of rows with no columns (CASSANDRA-3424, 3473)
* fix querying supercolumns by name returning only a subset of
subcolumns or old subcolumn versions (CASSANDRA-3446)
* automatically compute sha1 sum for uncompressed data files (CASSANDRA-3456)
* fix reading metadata/statistics component for version < h (CASSANDRA-3474)
* add sstable forward-compatibility (CASSANDRA-3478)
* report compression ratio in CFSMBean (CASSANDRA-3393)
* fix incorrect size exception during streaming of counters (CASSANDRA-3481)
* (CQL) fix for counter decrement syntax (CASSANDRA-3418)
* Fix race introduced by CASSANDRA-2503 (CASSANDRA-3482)
* Fix incomplete deletion of delivered hints (CASSANDRA-3466)
* Avoid rescheduling compactions when no compaction was executed
* fix handling of the chunk_length_kb compression options (CASSANDRA-3492)
Merged from 0.8:
* fix updating CF row_cache_provider (CASSANDRA-3414)
* CFMetaData.convertToThrift method to set RowCacheProvider (CASSANDRA-3405)
* acquire compactionlock during truncate (CASSANDRA-3399)
* fix displaying cfdef entries for super columnfamilies (CASSANDRA-3415)
* Make counter shard merging thread safe (CASSANDRA-3178)
* Revert CASSANDRA-2855
* Fix bug preventing the use of efficient cross-DC writes (CASSANDRA-3472)
* `describe ring` command for CLI (CASSANDRA-3220)
* (Hadoop) skip empty rows when entire row is requested, redux (CASSANDRA-2855)
* "defragment" rows for name-based queries under STCS (CASSANDRA-2503)
* Add timing information to cassandra-cli GET/SET/LIST queries (CASSANDRA-3326)
* Only create one CompressionMetadata object per sstable (CASSANDRA-3427)
* cleanup usage of StorageService.setMode() (CASANDRA-3388)
* synchronize BiMap of bootstrapping tokens (CASSANDRA-3417)
* Avoid large array allocation for compressed chunk offsets (CASSANDRA-3432)
* fix DecimalType bytebuffer marshalling (CASSANDRA-3421)
* fix bug that caused first column in per row indexes to be ignored
* add JMX call to clean (failed) repair sessions (CASSANDRA-3316)
* fix sstableloader reference acquisition bug (CASSANDRA-3438)
* fix estimated row size regression (CASSANDRA-3451)
* make sure we don't return more columns than asked (CASSANDRA-3303, 3395)
Merged from 0.8:
* acquire compactionlock during truncate (CASSANDRA-3399)
* fix displaying cfdef entries for super columnfamilies (CASSANDRA-3415)
* acquire references during index build to prevent delete problems
on Windows (CASSANDRA-3314)
* describe_ring should include datacenter/topology information (CASSANDRA-2882)
* Thrift sockets are not properly buffered (CASSANDRA-3261)
* performance improvement for bytebufferutil compare function (CASSANDRA-3286)
* add system.versions ColumnFamily (CASSANDRA-3140)
* reduce network copies (CASSANDRA-3333, 3373)
* limit nodetool to 32MB of heap (CASSANDRA-3124)
* (CQL) update parser to accept "timestamp" instead of "date" (CASSANDRA-3149)
* Fix CLI `show schema` to include "compression_options" (CASSANDRA-3368)
* Snapshot to include manifest under LeveledCompactionStrategy (CASSANDRA-3359)
* (CQL) SELECT query should allow CF name to be qualified by keyspace (CASSANDRA-3130)
* (CQL) Fix internal application error specifying 'using consistency ...'
in lower case (CASSANDRA-3366)
* fix Deflate compression when compression actually makes the data bigger
* optimize UUIDGen to avoid lock contention on InetAddress.getLocalHost
* tolerate index being dropped mid-mutation (CASSANDRA-3334, 3313)
* CompactionManager is now responsible for checking for new candidates
post-task execution, enabling more consistent leveled compaction
* Cache HSHA threads (CASSANDRA-3372)
* use CF/KS names as snapshot prefix for drop + truncate operations
* Break bloom filters up to avoid heap fragmentation (CASSANDRA-2466)
* fix cassandra hanging on jsvc stop (CASSANDRA-3302)
* Avoid leveled compaction getting blocked on errors (CASSANDRA-3408)
* Make reloading the compaction strategy safe (CASSANDRA-3409)
* ignore 0.8 hints even if compaction begins before we try to purge
them (CASSANDRA-3385)
* remove procrun (bin\daemon) from Cassandra source tree and
artifacts (CASSANDRA-3331)
* make cassandra compile under JDK7 (CASSANDRA-3275)
* remove dependency of clientutil.jar to FBUtilities (CASSANDRA-3299)
* avoid truncation errors by using long math on long values (CASSANDRA-3364)
* avoid clock drift on some Windows machine (CASSANDRA-3375)
* display cache provider in cli 'describe keyspace' command (CASSANDRA-3384)
* fix incomplete topology information in describe_ring (CASSANDRA-3403)
* expire dead gossip states based on time (CASSANDRA-2961)
* improve CompactionTask extensibility (CASSANDRA-3330)
* Allow one leveled compaction task to kick off another (CASSANDRA-3363)
* allow encryption only between datacenters (CASSANDRA-2802)
Merged from 0.8:
* fix truncate allowing data to be replayed post-restart (CASSANDRA-3297)
* make iwriter final in IndexWriter to avoid NPE (CASSANDRA-2863)
* (CQL) update grammar to require key clause in DELETE statement
* (CQL) allow numeric keyspace names in USE statement (CASSANDRA-3350)
* (Hadoop) skip empty rows when slicing the entire row (CASSANDRA-2855)
* Fix handling of tombstone by SSTableExport/Import (CASSANDRA-3357)
* fix ColumnIndexer to use long offsets (CASSANDRA-3358)
* Improved CLI exceptions (CASSANDRA-3312)
* Fix handling of tombstone by SSTableExport/Import (CASSANDRA-3357)
* Only count compaction as active (for throttling) when they have
successfully acquired the compaction lock (CASSANDRA-3344)
* Display CLI version string on startup (CASSANDRA-3196)
* (Hadoop) make CFIF try rpc_address or fallback to listen_address
* (Hadoop) accept comma delimited lists of initial thrift connections
* ColumnFamily min_compaction_threshold should be >= 2 (CASSANDRA-3342)
* (Pig) add 0.8+ types and key validation type in schema (CASSANDRA-3280)
* Fix completely removing column metadata using CLI (CASSANDRA-3126)
* CLI `describe cluster;` output should be on separate lines for separate versions
* fix changing durable_writes keyspace option during CF creation
* avoid locking on update when no indexes are involved (CASSANDRA-3386)
* fix assertionError during repair with ordered partitioners (CASSANDRA-3369)
* correctly serialize key_validation_class for avro (CASSANDRA-3391)
* don't expire counter tombstone after streaming (CASSANDRA-3394)
* prevent nodes that failed to join from hanging around forever
* remove incorrect optimization from slice read path (CASSANDRA-3390)
* Fix race in AntiEntropyService (CASSANDRA-3400)
* close scrubbed sstable fd before deleting it (CASSANDRA-3318)
* fix bug preventing obsolete commitlog segments from being removed
* tolerate whitespace in seed CDL (CASSANDRA-3263)
* Change default heap thresholds to max(min(1/2 ram, 1G), min(1/4 ram, 8GB))
* Fix broken CompressedRandomAccessReaderTest (CASSANDRA-3298)
* (CQL) fix type information returned for wildcard queries (CASSANDRA-3311)
* add estimated tasks to LeveledCompactionStrategy (CASSANDRA-3322)
* avoid including compaction cache-warming in keycache stats (CASSANDRA-3325)
* run compaction and hinted handoff threads at MIN_PRIORITY (CASSANDRA-3308)
* default hsha thrift server to cpu core count in rpc pool (CASSANDRA-3329)
* add bin\daemon to binary tarball for Windows service (CASSANDRA-3331)
* Fix places where uncompressed size of sstables was use in place of the
compressed one (CASSANDRA-3338)
* Fix hsha thrift server (CASSANDRA-3346)
* Make sure repair only stream needed sstables (CASSANDRA-3345)
* Log a meaningful warning when a node receives a message for a repair session
that doesn't exist anymore (CASSANDRA-3256)
* test for NUMA policy support as well as numactl presence (CASSANDRA-3245)
* Fix FD leak when internode encryption is enabled (CASSANDRA-3257)
* Remove incorrect assertion in mergeIterator (CASSANDRA-3260)
* FBUtilities.hexToBytes(String) to throw NumberFormatException when string
contains non-hex characters (CASSANDRA-3231)
* Keep SimpleSnitch proximity ordering unchanged from what the Strategy
generates, as intended (CASSANDRA-3262)
* remove Scrub from compactionstats when finished (CASSANDRA-3255)
* fix counter entry in jdbc TypesMap (CASSANDRA-3268)
* fix full queue scenario for ParallelCompactionIterator (CASSANDRA-3270)
* fix bootstrap process (CASSANDRA-3285)
* don't try delivering hints if when there isn't any (CASSANDRA-3176)
* CLI documentation change for ColumnFamily `compression_options` (CASSANDRA-3282)
* ignore any CF ids sent by client for adding CF/KS (CASSANDRA-3288)
* remove obsolete hints on first startup (CASSANDRA-3291)
* use correct ISortedColumns for time-optimized reads (CASSANDRA-3289)
* Evict gossip state immediately when a token is taken over by a new IP
* Update CQL to generate microsecond timestamps by default (CASSANDRA-3227)
* Fix counting CFMetadata towards Memtable liveRatio (CASSANDRA-3023)
* Kill server on wrapped OOME such as from (CASSANDRA-3201)
* remove unnecessary copy when adding to row cache (CASSANDRA-3223)
* Log message when a full repair operation completes (CASSANDRA-3207)
* Fix streamOutSession keeping sstables references forever if the remote end
dies (CASSANDRA-3216)
* Remove dynamic_snitch boolean from example configuration (defaulting to
true) and set default badness threshold to 0.1 (CASSANDRA-3229)
* Base choice of random or "balanced" token on bootstrap on whether
schema definitions were found (CASSANDRA-3219)
* Fixes for LeveledCompactionStrategy score computation, prioritization,
scheduling, and performance (CASSANDRA-3224, 3234)
* parallelize sstable open at server startup (CASSANDRA-2988)
* fix handling of exceptions writing to OutboundTcpConnection (CASSANDRA-3235)
* Allow using quotes in "USE <keyspace>;" CLI command (CASSANDRA-3208)
* Don't allow any cache loading exceptions to halt startup (CASSANDRA-3218)
* Fix sstableloader --ignores option (CASSANDRA-3247)
* File descriptor limit increased in packaging (CASSANDRA-3206)
* Fix deadlock in commit log during flush (CASSANDRA-3253)
* removed binarymemtable (CASSANDRA-2692)
* add commitlog_total_space_in_mb to prevent fragmented logs (CASSANDRA-2427)
* removed commitlog_rotation_threshold_in_mb configuration (CASSANDRA-2771)
* make AbstractBounds.normalize de-overlapp overlapping ranges (CASSANDRA-2641)
* replace CollatingIterator, ReducingIterator with MergeIterator
* Fixed the ability to set compaction strategy in cli using create column
family command (CASSANDRA-2778)
* clean up tmp files after failed compaction (CASSANDRA-2468)
* restrict repair streaming to specific columnfamilies (CASSANDRA-2280)
* don't bother persisting columns shadowed by a row tombstone (CASSANDRA-2589)
* reset CF and SC deletion times after gc_grace (CASSANDRA-2317)
* optimize away seek when compacting wide rows (CASSANDRA-2879)
* single-pass streaming (CASSANDRA-2677, 2906, 2916, 3003)
* use reference counting for deleting sstables instead of relying on GC
(CASSANDRA-2521, 3179)
* store hints as serialized mutations instead of pointers to data row
* store hints in the coordinator node instead of in the closest replica
* add row_cache_keys_to_save CF option (CASSANDRA-1966)
* check column family validity in nodetool repair (CASSANDRA-2933)
* use lazy initialization instead of class initialization in NodeId
* add paging to get_count (CASSANDRA-2894)
* fix "short reads" in [multi]get (CASSANDRA-2643, 3157, 3192)
* add optional compression for sstables (CASSANDRA-47, 2994, 3001, 3128)
* add scheduler JMX metrics (CASSANDRA-2962)
* add block level checksum for compressed data (CASSANDRA-1717)
* make column family backed column map pluggable and introduce unsynchronized
ArrayList backed one to speedup reads (CASSANDRA-2843, 3165, 3205)
* refactoring of the secondary index api (CASSANDRA-2982)
* make CL > ONE reads wait for digest reconciliation before returning
* fix missing logging for some exceptions (CASSANDRA-2061)
* refactor and optimize ColumnFamilyStore.files(...) and Descriptor.fromFilename(String)
and few other places responsible for work with SSTable files (CASSANDRA-3040)
* Stop reading from sstables once we know we have the most recent columns,
for query-by-name requests (CASSANDRA-2498)
* Add query-by-column mode to (CASSANDRA-3064)
* Add "install" command to cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-292)
* clean up KSMetadata, CFMetadata from unnecessary
Thrift<->Avro conversion methods (CASSANDRA-3032)
* Add timeouts to client request schedulers (CASSANDRA-3079, 3096)
* Cli to use hashes rather than array of hashes for strategy options (CASSANDRA-3081)
* LeveledCompactionStrategy (CASSANDRA-1608, 3085, 3110, 3087, 3145, 3154, 3182)
* Improvements of the CLI `describe` command (CASSANDRA-2630)
* reduce window where dropped CF sstables may not be deleted (CASSANDRA-2942)
* Expose gossip/FD info to JMX (CASSANDRA-2806)
* Fix streaming over SSL when compressed SSTable involved (CASSANDRA-3051)
* Add support for pluggable secondary index implementations (CASSANDRA-3078)
* remove compaction_thread_priority setting (CASSANDRA-3104)
* generate hints for replicas that timeout, not just replicas that are known
to be down before starting (CASSANDRA-2034)
* Add throttling for internode streaming (CASSANDRA-3080)
* make the repair of a range repair all replica (CASSANDRA-2610, 3194)
* expose the ability to repair the first range (as returned by the
partitioner) of a node (CASSANDRA-2606)
* Streams Compression (CASSANDRA-3015)
* add ability to use multiple threads during a single compaction
* make AbstractBounds.normalize support overlapping ranges (CASSANDRA-2641)
* fix of the CQL count() behavior (CASSANDRA-3068)
* use TreeMap backed column families for the SSTable simple writers
* fix inconsistency of the CLI syntax when {} should be used instead of [{}]
* rename CQL type names to match expected SQL behavior (CASSANDRA-3149, 3031)
* Arena-based allocation for memtables (CASSANDRA-2252, 3162, 3163, 3168)
* Default RR chance to 0.1 (CASSANDRA-3169)
* Add RowLevel support to secondary index API (CASSANDRA-3147)
* Make SerializingCacheProvider the default if JNA is available (CASSANDRA-3183)
* Fix backwards compatibilty for CQL memtable properties (CASSANDRA-3190)
* Add five-minute delay before starting compactions on a restarted server
* Reduce copies done for intra-host messages (CASSANDRA-1788, 3144)
* support of compaction strategy option for (CASSANDRA-3204)
* make memtable throughput and column count thresholds no-ops (CASSANDRA-2449)
* Return schema information along with the resultSet in CQL (CASSANDRA-2734)
* Add new DecimalType (CASSANDRA-2883)
* Fix assertion error in RowRepairResolver (CASSANDRA-3156)
* Reduce unnecessary high buffer sizes (CASSANDRA-3171)
* Pluggable compaction strategy (CASSANDRA-1610)
* Add new broadcast_address config option (CASSANDRA-2491)
* Kill server on wrapped OOME such as from (CASSANDRA-3201)
* Allow using quotes in "USE <keyspace>;" CLI command (CASSANDRA-3208)
* Log message when a full repair operation completes (CASSANDRA-3207)
* Don't allow any cache loading exceptions to halt startup (CASSANDRA-3218)
* Fix sstableloader --ignores option (CASSANDRA-3247)
* File descriptor limit increased in packaging (CASSANDRA-3206)
* Log a meaningfull warning when a node receive a message for a repair session
that doesn't exist anymore (CASSANDRA-3256)
* Fix FD leak when internode encryption is enabled (CASSANDRA-3257)
* FBUtilities.hexToBytes(String) to throw NumberFormatException when string
contains non-hex characters (CASSANDRA-3231)
* Keep SimpleSnitch proximity ordering unchanged from what the Strategy
generates, as intended (CASSANDRA-3262)
* remove Scrub from compactionstats when finished (CASSANDRA-3255)
* Fix tool .bat files when CASSANDRA_HOME contains spaces (CASSANDRA-3258)
* Force flush of status table when removing/updating token (CASSANDRA-3243)
* Evict gossip state immediately when a token is taken over by a new IP (CASSANDRA-3259)
* Fix bug where the failure detector can take too long to mark a host
down (CASSANDRA-3273)
* (Hadoop) allow wrapping ranges in queries (CASSANDRA-3137)
* (Hadoop) check all interfaces for a match with split location
before falling back to random replica (CASSANDRA-3211)
* (Hadoop) Make Pig storage handle implements LoadMetadata (CASSANDRA-2777)
* (Hadoop) Fix exception during PIG 'dump' (CASSANDRA-2810)
* Fix stress COUNTER_GET option (CASSANDRA-3301)
* Fix missing fields in CLI `show schema` output (CASSANDRA-3304)
* Nodetool no longer leaks threads and closes JMX connections (CASSANDRA-3309)
* fix truncate allowing data to be replayed post-restart (CASSANDRA-3297)
* Move SimpleAuthority and SimpleAuthenticator to examples (CASSANDRA-2922)
* Fix handling of tombstone by SSTableExport/Import (CASSANDRA-3357)
* Fix transposition in cfHistograms (CASSANDRA-3222)
* Allow using number as DC name when creating keyspace in CQL (CASSANDRA-3239)
* Force flush of system table after updating/removing a token (CASSANDRA-3243)
* revert CASSANDRA-2388
* change TokenRange.endpoints back to listen/broadcast address to match
pre-1777 behavior, and add TokenRange.rpc_endpoints instead (CASSANDRA-3187)
* avoid trying to watch when loaded from jar
* prevent users from creating keyspaces with LocalStrategy replication
* fix CLI `show schema;` to output correct keyspace definition statement
* CustomTThreadPoolServer to log TTransportException at DEBUG level
* allow topology sort to work with non-unique rack names between
datacenters (CASSANDRA-3152)
* Improve caching of same-version Messages on digest and repair paths
* Randomize choice of first replica for counter increment (CASSANDRA-2890)
* Fix using read_repair_chance instead of merge_shard_change (CASSANDRA-3202)
* Avoid streaming data to nodes that already have it, on move as well as
decommission (CASSANDRA-3041)
* Fix divide by zero error in GCInspector (CASSANDRA-3164)
* allow quoting of the ColumnFamily name in CLI `create column family`
statement (CASSANDRA-3195)
* Fix rolling upgrade from 0.7 to 0.8 problem (CASANDRA-3166)
* Accomodate missing encryption_options in
* fix NPE when encryption_options is unspecified (CASSANDRA-3007)
* include column name in validation failure exceptions (CASSANDRA-2849)
* make sure truncate clears out the commitlog so replay won't re-
populate with truncated data (CASSANDRA-2950)
* fix NPE when debug logging is enabled and dropped CF is present
in a commitlog segment (CASSANDRA-3021)
* fix cassandra.bat when CASSANDRA_HOME contains spaces (CASSANDRA-2952)
* fix to SSTableSimpleUnsortedWriter bufferSize calculation (CASSANDRA-3027)
* make cleanup and normal compaction able to skip empty rows
(rows containing nothing but expired tombstones) (CASSANDRA-3039)
* work around native memory leak in
* validate that column names in column_metadata are not equal to key_alias
on create/update of the ColumnFamily and CQL 'ALTER' statement (CASSANDRA-3036)
* return an InvalidRequestException if an indexed column is assigned
a value larger than 64KB (CASSANDRA-3057)
* fix of numeric-only and string column names handling in CLI "drop index"
* prune index scan resultset back to original request for lazy
resultset expansion case (CASSANDRA-2964)
* (Hadoop) fail jobs when Cassandra node has failed but TaskTracker
has not (CASSANDRA-2388)
* fix dynamic snitch ignoring nodes when read_repair_chance is zero
* avoid retaining references to dropped CFS objects in
CompactionManager.estimatedCompactions (CASSANDRA-2708)
* expose rpc timeouts per host in MessagingServiceMBean (CASSANDRA-2941)
* avoid including cwd in classpath for deb and rpm packages (CASSANDRA-2881)
* remove gossip state when a new IP takes over a token (CASSANDRA-3071)
* allow sstable2json to work on index sstable files (CASSANDRA-3059)
* always hint counters (CASSANDRA-3099)
* fix log4j initialization in EmbeddedCassandraService (CASSANDRA-2857)
* remove gossip state when a new IP takes over a token (CASSANDRA-3071)
* work around native memory leak in
* fix UnavailableException with writes at CL.EACH_QUORM (CASSANDRA-3084)
* fix parsing of the Keyspace and ColumnFamily names in numeric
and string representations in CLI (CASSANDRA-3075)
* fix corner cases in Range.differenceToFetch (CASSANDRA-3084)
* fix ip address String representation in the ring cache (CASSANDRA-3044)
* fix ring cache compatibility when mixing pre-0.8.4 nodes with post-
in the same cluster (CASSANDRA-3023)
* make repair report failure when a node participating dies (instead of
hanging forever) (CASSANDRA-2433)
* fix handling of the empty byte buffer by ReversedType (CASSANDRA-3111)
* Add validation that Keyspace names are case-insensitively unique (CASSANDRA-3066)
* catch invalid key_validation_class before instantiating UpdateColumnFamily (CASSANDRA-3102)
* make Range and Bounds objects client-safe (CASSANDRA-3108)
* optionally skip log4j configuration (CASSANDRA-3061)
* bundle sstableloader with the debian package (CASSANDRA-3113)
* don't try to build secondary indexes when there is none (CASSANDRA-3123)
* improve SSTableSimpleUnsortedWriter speed for large rows (CASSANDRA-3122)
* handle keyspace arguments correctly in nodetool snapshot (CASSANDRA-3038)
* Fix SSTableImportTest on windows (CASSANDRA-3043)
* expose compactionThroughputMbPerSec through JMX (CASSANDRA-3117)
* log keyspace and CF of large rows being compacted
* change TokenRing.endpoints to be a list of rpc addresses instead of
listen/broadcast addresses (CASSANDRA-1777)
* include files-to-be-streamed in StreamInSession.getSources (CASSANDRA-2972)
* use JAVA env var in (CASSANDRA-2785, 2992)
* avoid doing read for no-op replicate-on-write at CL=1 (CASSANDRA-2892)
* refuse counter write for CL.ANY (CASSANDRA-2990)
* switch back to only logging recent dropped messages (CASSANDRA-3004)
* always deserialize RowMutation for counters (CASSANDRA-3006)
* ignore saved replication_factor strategy_option for NTS (CASSANDRA-3011)
* make sure pre-truncate CL segments are discarded (CASSANDRA-2950)
* add ability to drop local reads/writes that are going to timeout
* revamp token removal process, keep gossip states for 3 days (CASSANDRA-2496)
* don't accept extra args for 0-arg nodetool commands (CASSANDRA-2740)
* log unavailableexception details at debug level (CASSANDRA-2856)
* expose data_dir though jmx (CASSANDRA-2770)
* don't include tmp files as sstable when create cfs (CASSANDRA-2929)
* log Java classpath on startup (CASSANDRA-2895)
* keep gossipped version in sync with actual on migration coordinator
* use lazy initialization instead of class initialization in NodeId
* check column family validity in nodetool repair (CASSANDRA-2933)
* speedup bytes to hex conversions dramatically (CASSANDRA-2850)
* Flush memtables on shutdown when durable writes are disabled
* improved POSIX compatibility of start scripts (CASsANDRA-2965)
* add counter support to Hadoop InputFormat (CASSANDRA-2981)
* fix bug where dirty commitlog segments were removed (and avoid keeping
segments with no post-flush activity permanently dirty) (CASSANDRA-2829)
* fix throwing exception with batch mutation of counter super columns
* ignore system tables during repair (CASSANDRA-2979)
* throw exception when NTS is given replication_factor as an option
* fix assertion error during compaction of counter CFs (CASSANDRA-2968)
* avoid trying to create index names, when no index exists (CASSANDRA-2867)
* don't sample the system table when choosing a bootstrap token
* gossiper notifies of local state changes (CASSANDRA-2948)
* add asynchronous and half-sync/half-async thrift servers (CASSANDRA-1405)
* fix potential use of free'd native memory in SerializingCache
* prune index scan resultset back to original request for lazy
resultset expansion case (CASSANDRA-2964)
* (Hadoop) fail jobs when Cassandra node has failed but TaskTracker
has not (CASSANDRA-2388)
* CQL:
- include only one row per unique key for IN queries (CASSANDRA-2717)
- respect client timestamp on full row deletions (CASSANDRA-2912)
* improve thread-safety in StreamOutSession (CASSANDRA-2792)
* allow deleting a row and updating indexed columns in it in the
same mutation (CASSANDRA-2773)
* Expose number of threads blocked on submitting memtable to flush
* add ability to return "endpoints" to nodetool (CASSANDRA-2776)
* Add support for multiple (comma-delimited) coordinator addresses
to ColumnFamilyInputFormat (CASSANDRA-2807)
* fix potential NPE while scheduling read repair for range slice
* Fix race in SystemTable.getCurrentLocalNodeId (CASSANDRA-2824)
* Correctly set default for replicate_on_write (CASSANDRA-2835)
* improve nodetool compactionstats formatting (CASSANDRA-2844)
* fix index-building status display (CASSANDRA-2853)
* fix CLI perpetuating obsolete KsDef.replication_factor (CASSANDRA-2846)
* improve cli treatment of multiline comments (CASSANDRA-2852)
* handle row tombstones correctly in EchoedRow (CASSANDRA-2786)
* add MessagingService.get[Recently]DroppedMessages and
StorageService.getExceptionCount (CASSANDRA-2804)
* fix possibility of spurious UnavailableException for LOCAL_QUORUM
reads with dynamic snitch + read repair disabled (CASSANDRA-2870)
* add ant-optional as dependence for the debian package (CASSANDRA-2164)
* add option to specify limit for get_slice in the CLI (CASSANDRA-2646)
* decrease HH page size (CASSANDRA-2832)
* reset cli keyspace after dropping the current one (CASSANDRA-2763)
* add KeyRange option to Hadoop inputformat (CASSANDRA-1125)
* fix protocol versioning (CASSANDRA-2818, 2860)
* support spaces in path to log4j configuration (CASSANDRA-2383)
* avoid including inferred types in CF update (CASSANDRA-2809)
* fix JMX bulkload call (CASSANDRA-2908)
* fix updating KS with durable_writes=false (CASSANDRA-2907)
* add simplified facade to SSTableWriter for bulk loading use
* fix re-using index CF sstable names after drop/recreate (CASSANDRA-2872)
* prepend CF to default index names (CASSANDRA-2903)
* fix hint replay (CASSANDRA-2928)
* Properly synchronize repair's merkle tree computation (CASSANDRA-2816)
* CQL:
- support for insert, delete in BATCH (CASSANDRA-2537)
- support for IN to SELECT, UPDATE (CASSANDRA-2553)
- timestamp support for INSERT, UPDATE, and BATCH (CASSANDRA-2555)
- TTL support (CASSANDRA-2476)
- counter support (CASSANDRA-2473)
- add SCHEMA/TABLE as aliases for KS/CF (CASSANDRA-2743)
- server handles wait-for-schema-agreement (CASSANDRA-2756)
- key alias support (CASSANDRA-2480)
* add support for comparator parameters and a generic ReverseType
* add CompositeType and DynamicCompositeType (CASSANDRA-2231)
* optimize batches containing multiple updates to the same row
* adjust hinted handoff page size to avoid OOM with large columns
* mark BRAF buffer invalid post-flush so we don't re-flush partial
buffers again, especially on CL writes (CASSANDRA-2660)
* add DROP INDEX support to CLI (CASSANDRA-2616)
* don't perform HH to client-mode [storageproxy] nodes (CASSANDRA-2668)
* Improve forceDeserialize/getCompactedRow encapsulation (CASSANDRA-2659)
* Don't write CounterUpdateColumn to disk in tests (CASSANDRA-2650)
* Add sstable bulk loading utility (CASSANDRA-1278)
* avoid replaying hints to dropped columnfamilies (CASSANDRA-2685)
* add placeholders for missing rows in range query pseudo-RR (CASSANDRA-2680)
* remove no-op HHOM.renameHints (CASSANDRA-2693)
* clone super columns to avoid modifying them during flush (CASSANDRA-2675)
* allow writes to bypass the commitlog for certain keyspaces (CASSANDRA-2683)
* avoid NPE when bypassing commitlog during memtable flush (CASSANDRA-2781)
* Added support for making bootstrap retry if nodes flap (CASSANDRA-2644)
* Added statusthrift to nodetool to report if thrift server is running (CASSANDRA-2722)
* Fixed rows being cached if they do not exist (CASSANDRA-2723)
* Support passing tableName and cfName to RowCacheProviders (CASSANDRA-2702)
* close scrub file handles (CASSANDRA-2669)
* throttle migration replay (CASSANDRA-2714)
* optimize column serializer creation (CASSANDRA-2716)
* Added support for making bootstrap retry if nodes flap (CASSANDRA-2644)
* Added statusthrift to nodetool to report if thrift server is running
* Fixed rows being cached if they do not exist (CASSANDRA-2723)
* fix truncate/compaction race (CASSANDRA-2673)
* workaround large resultsets causing large allocation retention
by nio sockets (CASSANDRA-2654)
* fix nodetool ring use with Ec2Snitch (CASSANDRA-2733)
* fix inconsistency window during bootstrap (CASSANDRA-833)
* fix removing columns and subcolumns that are supressed by a row or
supercolumn tombstone during replica resolution (CASSANDRA-2590)
* support sstable2json against snapshot sstables (CASSANDRA-2386)
* remove active-pull schema requests (CASSANDRA-2715)
* avoid marking entire list of sstables as actively being compacted
in multithreaded compaction (CASSANDRA-2765)
* seek back after deserializing a row to update cache with (CASSANDRA-2752)
* avoid skipping rows in scrub for counter column family (CASSANDRA-2759)
* fix ConcurrentModificationException in repair when dealing with 0.7 node
* use threadsafe collections for StreamInSession (CASSANDRA-2766)
* avoid infinite loop when creating merkle tree (CASSANDRA-2758)
* avoids unmarking compacting sstable prematurely in cleanup (CASSANDRA-2769)
* fix NPE when the commit log is bypassed (CASSANDRA-2718)
* don't throw an exception in SS.isRPCServerRunning (CASSANDRA-2721)
* make stress.jar executable (CASSANDRA-2744)
* add daemon mode to java stress (CASSANDRA-2267)
* expose the DC and rack of a node through JMX and nodetool ring (CASSANDRA-2531)
* fix cache mbean getSize (CASSANDRA-2781)
* Add Date, Float, Double, and Boolean types (CASSANDRA-2530)
* Add startup flag to renew counter node id (CASSANDRA-2788)
* add jamm agent to cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-2787)
* fix repair hanging if a neighbor has nothing to send (CASSANDRA-2797)
* purge tombstone even if row is in only one sstable (CASSANDRA-2801)
* Fix wrong purge of deleted cf during compaction (CASSANDRA-2786)
* fix race that could result in Hadoop writer failing to throw an
exception encountered after close() (CASSANDRA-2755)
* fix scan wrongly throwing assertion error (CASSANDRA-2653)
* Always use even distribution for merkle tree with RandomPartitionner
* fix describeOwnership for OPP (CASSANDRA-2800)
* ensure that string tokens do not contain commas (CASSANDRA-2762)
* fix CQL grammar warning and cqlsh regression from CASSANDRA-2622
* add ant generate-cql-html target (CASSANDRA-2526)
* update CQL consistency levels (CASSANDRA-2566)
* debian packaging fixes (CASSANDRA-2481, 2647)
* fix UUIDType, IntegerType for direct buffers (CASSANDRA-2682, 2684)
* switch to native Thrift for Hadoop map/reduce (CASSANDRA-2667)
* fix StackOverflowError when building from eclipse (CASSANDRA-2687)
* only provide replication_factor to strategy_options "help" for
SimpleStrategy, OldNetworkTopologyStrategy (CASSANDRA-2678, 2713)
* fix exception adding validators to non-string columns (CASSANDRA-2696)
* avoid instantiating DatabaseDescriptor in JDBC (CASSANDRA-2694)
* fix potential stack overflow during compaction (CASSANDRA-2626)
* clone super columns to avoid modifying them during flush (CASSANDRA-2675)
* reset underlying iterator in EchoedRow constructor (CASSANDRA-2653)
* faster flushes and compaction from fixing excessively pessimistic
rebuffering in BRAF (CASSANDRA-2581)
* fix returning null column values in the python cql driver (CASSANDRA-2593)
* fix merkle tree splitting exiting early (CASSANDRA-2605)
* snapshot_before_compaction directory name fix (CASSANDRA-2598)
* Disable compaction throttling during bootstrap (CASSANDRA-2612)
* fix CQL treatment of > and < operators in range slices (CASSANDRA-2592)
* fix potential double-application of counter updates on commitlog replay
by moving replay position from header to sstable metadata (CASSANDRA-2419)
* JDBC CQL driver exposes getColumn for access to timestamp
* JDBC ResultSetMetadata properties added to AbstractType
* r/m clustertool (CASSANDRA-2607)
* add support for presenting row key as a column in CQL result sets
* Don't allow {LOCAL|EACH}_QUORUM unless strategy is NTS (CASSANDRA-2627)
* validate keyspace strategy_options during CQL create (CASSANDRA-2624)
* fix empty Result with secondary index when limit=1 (CASSANDRA-2628)
* Fix regression where bootstrapping a node with no schema fails
* Allow removing LocationInfo sstables (CASSANDRA-2632)
* avoid attempting to replay mutations from dropped keyspaces (CASSANDRA-2631)
* avoid using cached position of a key when GT is requested (CASSANDRA-2633)
* fix counting bloom filter true positives (CASSANDRA-2637)
* initialize local ep state prior to gossip startup if needed (CASSANDRA-2638)
* fix counter increment lost after restart (CASSANDRA-2642)
* add quote-escaping via backslash to CLI (CASSANDRA-2623)
* fix pig example script (CASSANDRA-2487)
* fix dynamic snitch race in adding latencies (CASSANDRA-2618)
* Start/stop cassandra after more important services such as mdadm in
debian packaging (CASSANDRA-2481)
* fix NPE compacting index CFs (CASSANDRA-2528)
* Remove checking all column families on startup for compaction candidates
* validate CQL create keyspace options (CASSANDRA-2525)
* fix nodetool setcompactionthroughput (CASSANDRA-2550)
* move gossip heartbeat back to its own thread (CASSANDRA-2554)
* validate cql TRUNCATE columnfamily before truncating (CASSANDRA-2570)
* fix batch_mutate for mixed standard-counter mutations (CASSANDRA-2457)
* disallow making schema changes to system keyspace (CASSANDRA-2563)
* fix sending mutation messages multiple times (CASSANDRA-2557)
* fix incorrect use of NBHM.size in ReadCallback that could cause
reads to time out even when responses were received (CASSAMDRA-2552)
* trigger read repair correctly for LOCAL_QUORUM reads (CASSANDRA-2556)
* Allow configuring the number of compaction thread (CASSANDRA-2558)
* forceUserDefinedCompaction will attempt to compact what it is given
even if the pessimistic estimate is that there is not enough disk space;
automatic compactions will only compact 2 or more sstables (CASSANDRA-2575)
* refuse to apply migrations with older timestamps than the current
schema (CASSANDRA-2536)
* remove unframed Thrift transport option
* include indexes in snapshots (CASSANDRA-2596)
* improve ignoring of obsolete mutations in index maintenance (CASSANDRA-2401)
* recognize attempt to drop just the index while leaving the column
definition alone (CASSANDRA-2619)
* remove Avro RPC support (CASSANDRA-926)
* support for columns that act as incr/decr counters
(CASSANDRA-1072, 1937, 1944, 1936, 2101, 2093, 2288, 2105, 2384, 2236, 2342,
* CQL (CASSANDRA-1703, 1704, 1705, 1706, 1707, 1708, 1710, 1711, 1940,
2124, 2302, 2277, 2493)
* avoid double RowMutation serialization on write path (CASSANDRA-1800)
* make NetworkTopologyStrategy the default (CASSANDRA-1960)
* configurable internode encryption (CASSANDRA-1567, 2152)
* human readable column names in sstable2json output (CASSANDRA-1933)
* change default JMX port to 7199 (CASSANDRA-2027)
* backwards compatible internal messaging (CASSANDRA-1015)
* atomic switch of memtables and sstables (CASSANDRA-2284)
* add pluggable SeedProvider (CASSANDRA-1669)
* Fix clustertool to not throw exception when calling get_endpoints (CASSANDRA-2437)
* upgrade to thrift 0.6 (CASSANDRA-2412)
* repair works on a token range instead of full ring (CASSANDRA-2324)
* purge tombstones from row cache (CASSANDRA-2305)
* push replication_factor into strategy_options (CASSANDRA-1263)
* give snapshots the same name on each node (CASSANDRA-1791)
* remove "nodetool loadbalance" (CASSANDRA-2448)
* multithreaded compaction (CASSANDRA-2191)
* compaction throttling (CASSANDRA-2156)
* add key type information and alias (CASSANDRA-2311, 2396)
* cli no longer divides read_repair_chance by 100 (CASSANDRA-2458)
* made CompactionInfo.getTaskType return an enum (CASSANDRA-2482)
* add a server-wide cap on measured memtable memory usage and aggressively
flush to keep under that threshold (CASSANDRA-2006)
* add unified UUIDType (CASSANDRA-2233)
* add off-heap row cache support (CASSANDRA-1969)
* improvements/fixes to PIG driver (CASSANDRA-1618, CASSANDRA-2387,
* validate index names (CASSANDRA-1761)
* reduce contention on Table.flusherLock (CASSANDRA-1954)
* try harder to detect failures during streaming, cleaning up temporary
files more reliably (CASSANDRA-2088)
* shut down server for OOM on a Thrift thread (CASSANDRA-2269)
* fix tombstone handling in repair and sstable2json (CASSANDRA-2279)
* preserve version when streaming data from old sstables (CASSANDRA-2283)
* don't start repair if a neighboring node is marked as dead (CASSANDRA-2290)
* purge tombstones from row cache (CASSANDRA-2305)
* Avoid seeking when sstable2json exports the entire file (CASSANDRA-2318)
* clear Built flag in system table when dropping an index (CASSANDRA-2320)
* don't allow arbitrary argument for (CASSANDRA-2323)
* validate values for index predicates in get_indexed_slice (CASSANDRA-2328)
* queue secondary indexes for flush before the parent (CASSANDRA-2330)
* allow job configuration to set the CL used in Hadoop jobs (CASSANDRA-2331)
* add memtable_flush_queue_size defaulting to 4 (CASSANDRA-2333)
* Allow overriding of initial_token, storage_port and rpc_port from system
properties (CASSANDRA-2343)
* fix comparator used for non-indexed secondary expressions in index scan
* ensure size calculation and write phase of large-row compaction use
the same threshold for TTL expiration (CASSANDRA-2349)
* fix race when iterating CFs during add/drop (CASSANDRA-2350)
* add ConsistencyLevel command to CLI (CASSANDRA-2354)
* allow negative numbers in the cli (CASSANDRA-2358)
* hard code serialVersionUID for tokens class (CASSANDRA-2361)
* fix potential infinite loop in ByteBufferUtil.inputStream (CASSANDRA-2365)
* fix encoding bugs in HintedHandoffManager, SystemTable when default
charset is not UTF8 (CASSANDRA-2367)
* avoids having removed node reappearing in Gossip (CASSANDRA-2371)
* fix incorrect truncation of long to int when reading columns via block
index (CASSANDRA-2376)
* fix NPE during stream session (CASSANDRA-2377)
* fix race condition that could leave orphaned data files when dropping CF or
* fsync statistics component on write (CASSANDRA-2382)
* fix duplicate results from CFS.scan (CASSANDRA-2406)
* add IntegerType to CLI help (CASSANDRA-2414)
* avoid caching token-only decoratedkeys (CASSANDRA-2416)
* convert mmap assertion to if/throw so scrub can catch it (CASSANDRA-2417)
* don't overwrite gc log (CASSANDR-2418)
* invalidate row cache for streamed row to avoid inconsitencies
* avoid copies in range/index scans (CASSANDRA-2425)
* make sure we don't wipe data during cleanup if the node has not join
the ring (CASSANDRA-2428)
* Try harder to close files after compaction (CASSANDRA-2431)
* re-set bootstrapped flag after move finishes (CASSANDRA-2435)
* display validation_class in CLI 'describe keyspace' (CASSANDRA-2442)
* make cleanup compactions cleanup the row cache (CASSANDRA-2451)
* add column fields validation to scrub (CASSANDRA-2460)
* use 64KB flush buffer instead of in_memory_compaction_limit (CASSANDRA-2463)
* fix backslash substitutions in CLI (CASSANDRA-2492)
* disable cache saving for system CFS (CASSANDRA-2502)
* fixes for verifying destination availability under hinted conditions
so UE can be thrown intead of timing out (CASSANDRA-2514)
* fix update of validation class in column metadata (CASSANDRA-2512)
* support LOCAL_QUORUM, EACH_QUORUM CLs outside of NTS (CASSANDRA-2516)
* preserve version when streaming data from old sstables (CASSANDRA-2283)
* fix backslash substitutions in CLI (CASSANDRA-2492)
* count a row deletion as one operation towards memtable threshold
* support LOCAL_QUORUM, EACH_QUORUM CLs outside of NTS (CASSANDRA-2516)
* add nodetool join command (CASSANDRA-2160)
* fix secondary indexes on pre-existing or streamed data (CASSANDRA-2244)
* initialize endpoint in gossiper earlier (CASSANDRA-2228)
* add ability to write to Cassandra from Pig (CASSANDRA-1828)
* add rpc_[min|max]_threads (CASSANDRA-2176)
* avoid exporting an un-requested row in sstable2json, when exporting
a key that does not exist (CASSANDRA-2168)
* add incremental_backups option (CASSANDRA-1872)
* add configurable row limit to Pig loadfunc (CASSANDRA-2276)
* validate column values in batches as well as single-Column inserts
* move sample schema from cassandra.yaml to schema-sample.txt,
a cli scripts (CASSANDRA-2007)
* avoid writing empty rows when scrubbing tombstoned rows (CASSANDRA-2296)
* fix assertion error in range and index scans for CL < ALL
* fix commitlog replay when flush position refers to data that didn't
get synced before server died (CASSANDRA-2285)
* fix fd leak in sstable2json with non-mmap'd i/o (CASSANDRA-2304)
* reduce memory use during streaming of multiple sstables (CASSANDRA-2301)
* purge tombstoned rows from cache after GCGraceSeconds (CASSANDRA-2305)
* allow zero replicas in a NTS datacenter (CASSANDRA-1924)
* make range queries respect snitch for local replicas (CASSANDRA-2286)
* fix HH delivery when column index is larger than 2GB (CASSANDRA-2297)
* make 2ary indexes use parent CF flush thresholds during initial build
* update memtable_throughput to be a long (CASSANDRA-2158)
* Keep endpoint state until aVeryLongTime (CASSANDRA-2115)
* lower-latency read repair (CASSANDRA-2069)
* add hinted_handoff_throttle_delay_in_ms option (CASSANDRA-2161)
* fixes for cache save/load (CASSANDRA-2172, -2174)
* Handle whole-row deletions in CFOutputFormat (CASSANDRA-2014)
* Make memtable_flush_writers flush in parallel (CASSANDRA-2178)
* Add compaction_preheat_key_cache option (CASSANDRA-2175)
* refactor to have only one copy of the format string
used for creating row keys (CASSANDRA-2108)
* validate index names for \w+ (CASSANDRA-2196)
* Fix Cassandra cli to respect timeout if schema does not settle
* fix for compaction and cleanup writing old-format data into new-version
sstable (CASSANDRA-2211, -2216)
* add nodetool scrub (CASSANDRA-2217, -2240)
* fix sstable2json large-row pagination (CASSANDRA-2188)
* fix EOFing on requests for the last bytes in a file (CASSANDRA-2213)
* fix BufferedRandomAccessFile bugs (CASSANDRA-2218, -2241)
* check for memtable flush_after_mins exceeded every 10s (CASSANDRA-2183)
* fix cache saving on Windows (CASSANDRA-2207)
* add validateSchemaAgreement call + synchronization to schema
modification operations (CASSANDRA-2222)
* fix for reversed slice queries on large rows (CASSANDRA-2212)
* fat clients were writing local data (CASSANDRA-2223)
* improve detection and cleanup of partially-written sstables
* fix supercolumn de/serialization when subcolumn comparator is different
from supercolumn's (CASSANDRA-2104)
* fix starting up on Windows when CASSANDRA_HOME contains whitespace
* add [get|set][row|key]cacheSavePeriod to JMX (CASSANDRA-2100)
* fix Hadoop ColumnFamilyOutputFormat dropping of mutations
when batch fills up (CASSANDRA-2255)
* move file deletions off of scheduledtasks executor (CASSANDRA-2253)
* copy DecoratedKey.key when inserting into caches to avoid retaining
a reference to the underlying buffer (CASSANDRA-2102)
* format subcolumn names with subcomparator (CASSANDRA-2136)
* fix column bloom filter deserialization (CASSANDRA-2165)
* refactor MessageDigest creation code. (CASSANDRA-2107)
* buffer network stack to avoid inefficient small TCP messages while avoiding
the nagle/delayed ack problem (CASSANDRA-1896)
* check log4j configuration for changes every 10s (CASSANDRA-1525, 1907)
* more-efficient cross-DC replication (CASSANDRA-1530, -2051, -2138)
* avoid polluting page cache with commitlog or sstable writes
and seq scan operations (CASSANDRA-1470)
* add RMI authentication options to nodetool (CASSANDRA-1921)
* make snitches configurable at runtime (CASSANDRA-1374)
* retry hadoop split requests on connection failure (CASSANDRA-1927)
* implement describeOwnership for BOP, COPP (CASSANDRA-1928)
* make read repair behave as expected for ConsistencyLevel > ONE
(CASSANDRA-982, 2038)
* distributed test harness (CASSANDRA-1859, 1964)
* reduce flush lock contention (CASSANDRA-1930)
* optimize supercolumn deserialization (CASSANDRA-1891)
* fix CFMetaData.apply to only compare objects of the same class
* allow specifying specific SSTables to compact from JMX (CASSANDRA-1963)
* fix race condition in MessagingService.targets (CASSANDRA-1959, 2094, 2081)
* refuse to open sstables from a future version (CASSANDRA-1935)
* zero-copy reads (CASSANDRA-1714)
* fix copy bounds for word Text in wordcount demo (CASSANDRA-1993)
* fixes for contrib/javautils (CASSANDRA-1979)
* check more frequently for memtable expiration (CASSANDRA-2000)
* fix writing SSTable column count statistics (CASSANDRA-1976)
* fix streaming of multiple CFs during bootstrap (CASSANDRA-1992)
* explicitly set JVM GC new generation size with -Xmn (CASSANDRA-1968)
* add short options for CLI flags (CASSANDRA-1565)
* make keyspace argument to "describe keyspace" in CLI optional
when authenticated to keyspace already (CASSANDRA-2029)
* added option to specify -Dcassandra.join_ring=false on startup
to allow "warm spare" nodes or performing JMX maintenance before
joining the ring (CASSANDRA-526)
* log migrations at INFO (CASSANDRA-2028)
* add CLI verbose option in file mode (CASSANDRA-2030)
* add single-line "--" comments to CLI (CASSANDRA-2032)
* message serialization tests (CASSANDRA-1923)
* switch from ivy to maven-ant-tasks (CASSANDRA-2017)
* CLI attempts to block for new schema to propagate (CASSANDRA-2044)
* fix potential overflow in nodetool cfstats (CASSANDRA-2057)
* add JVM shutdownhook to sync commitlog (CASSANDRA-1919)
* allow nodes to be up without being part of normal traffic (CASSANDRA-1951)
* fix CLI "show keyspaces" with null options on NTS (CASSANDRA-2049)
* fix possible ByteBuffer race conditions (CASSANDRA-2066)
* reduce garbage generated by MessagingService to prevent load spikes
* fix math in RandomPartitioner.describeOwnership (CASSANDRA-2071)
* fix deletion of sstable non-data components (CASSANDRA-2059)
* avoid blocking gossip while deleting handoff hints (CASSANDRA-2073)
* ignore messages from newer versions, keep track of nodes in gossip
regardless of version (CASSANDRA-1970)
* cache writing moved to CompactionManager to reduce i/o contention and
updated to use non-cache-polluting writes (CASSANDRA-2053)
* page through large rows when exporting to JSON (CASSANDRA-2041)
* add flush_largest_memtables_at and reduce_cache_sizes_at options
* add cli 'describe cluster' command (CASSANDRA-2127)
* add cli support for setting username/password at 'connect' command
* add -D option to to allow reading hosts from a file
* bound hints CF throughput between 32M and 256M (CASSANDRA-2148)
* continue starting when invalid saved cache entries are encountered
* add max_hint_window_in_ms option (CASSANDRA-1459)
* fix offsets to ByteBuffer.get (CASSANDRA-1939)
* fix cli crash after backgrounding (CASSANDRA-1875)
* count timeouts in storageproxy latencies, and include latency
histograms in StorageProxyMBean (CASSANDRA-1893)
* fix CLI get recognition of supercolumns (CASSANDRA-1899)
* enable keepalive on intra-cluster sockets (CASSANDRA-1766)
* count timeouts towards dynamicsnitch latencies (CASSANDRA-1905)
* Expose index-building status in JMX + cli schema description
* allow [LOCAL|EACH]_QUORUM to be used with non-NetworkTopology
replication Strategies
* increased amount of index locks for faster commitlog replay
* collect secondary index tombstones immediately (CASSANDRA-1914)
* revert commitlog changes from #1780 (CASSANDRA-1917)
* change RandomPartitioner min token to -1 to avoid collision w/
tokens on actual nodes (CASSANDRA-1901)
* examine the right nibble when validating TimeUUID (CASSANDRA-1910)
* include secondary indexes in cleanup (CASSANDRA-1916)
* CFS.scrubDataDirectories should also cleanup invalid secondary indexes
* ability to disable/enable gossip on nodes to force them down
* expose getNaturalEndpoints in StorageServiceMBean taking byte[]
key; RMI cannot serialize ByteBuffer (CASSANDRA-1833)
* infer org.apache.cassandra.locator for replication strategy classes
when not otherwise specified
* validation that generates less garbage (CASSANDRA-1814)
* add TTL support to CLI (CASSANDRA-1838)
* cli defaults to bytestype for subcomparator when creating
column families (CASSANDRA-1835)
* unregister index MBeans when index is dropped (CASSANDRA-1843)
* make ByteBufferUtil.clone thread-safe (CASSANDRA-1847)
* change exception for read requests during bootstrap from
InvalidRequest to Unavailable (CASSANDRA-1862)
* respect row-level tombstones post-flush in range scans
* ReadResponseResolver check digests against each other (CASSANDRA-1830)
* return InvalidRequest when remove of subcolumn without supercolumn
is requested (CASSANDRA-1866)
* flush before repair (CASSANDRA-1748)
* SSTableExport validates key order (CASSANDRA-1884)
* large row support for SSTableExport (CASSANDRA-1867)
* Re-cache hot keys post-compaction without hitting disk (CASSANDRA-1878)
* manage read repair in coordinator instead of data source, to
provide latency information to dynamic snitch (CASSANDRA-1873)
* fix live-column-count of slice ranges including tombstoned supercolumn
with live subcolumn (CASSANDRA-1591)
* rename o.a.c.internal.AntientropyStage -> AntiEntropyStage,
o.a.c.request.Request_responseStage -> RequestResponseStage,
o.a.c.internal.Internal_responseStage -> InternalResponseStage
* add AbstractType.fromString (CASSANDRA-1767)
* require index_type to be present when specifying index_name
on ColumnDef (CASSANDRA-1759)
* fix add/remove index bugs in CFMetadata (CASSANDRA-1768)
* rebuild Strategy during system_update_keyspace (CASSANDRA-1762)
* cli updates prompt to ... in continuation lines (CASSANDRA-1770)
* support multiple Mutations per key in hadoop ColumnFamilyOutputFormat
* improvements to Debian init script (CASSANDRA-1772)
* use local classloader to check for (CASSANDRA-1778)
* Validate that column names in column_metadata are valid for the
defined comparator, and decode properly in cli (CASSANDRA-1773)
* use cross-platform newlines in cli (CASSANDRA-1786)
* add ExpiringColumn support to sstable import/export (CASSANDRA-1754)
* add flush for each append to periodic commitlog mode; added
periodic_without_flush option to disable this (CASSANDRA-1780)
* close file handle used for post-flush truncate (CASSANDRA-1790)
* various code cleanup (CASSANDRA-1793, -1794, -1795)
* fix range queries against wrapped range (CASSANDRA-1781)
* fix consistencylevel calculations for NetworkTopologyStrategy
* cli support index type enum names (CASSANDRA-1810)
* improved validation of column_metadata (CASSANDRA-1813)
* reads at ConsistencyLevel > 1 throw UnavailableException
immediately if insufficient live nodes exist (CASSANDRA-1803)
* copy bytebuffers for local writes to avoid retaining the entire
Thrift frame (CASSANDRA-1801)
* fix NPE adding index to column w/o prior metadata (CASSANDRA-1764)
* reduce fat client timeout (CASSANDRA-1730)
* fix botched merge of CASSANDRA-1316
* fix compaction and flush races with schema updates (CASSANDRA-1715)
* add clustertool, config-converter, sstablekeys, and schematool
Windows .bat files (CASSANDRA-1723)
* reject range queries received during bootstrap (CASSANDRA-1739)
* fix wrapping-range queries on non-minimum token (CASSANDRA-1700)
* add nodetool cfhistogram (CASSANDRA-1698)
* limit repaired ranges to what the nodes have in common (CASSANDRA-1674)
* index scan treats missing columns as not matching secondary
expressions (CASSANDRA-1745)
* Fix misuse of DataOutputBuffer.getData in AntiEntropyService
* detect and warn when obsolete version of JNA is present (CASSANDRA-1760)
* reduce fat client timeout (CASSANDRA-1730)
* cleanup smallest CFs first to increase free temp space for larger ones
* Update windows .bat files to work outside of main Cassandra
directory (CASSANDRA-1713)
* fix read repair regression from 0.6.7 (CASSANDRA-1727)
* more-efficient read repair (CASSANDRA-1719)
* fix hinted handoff replay (CASSANDRA-1656)
* log type of dropped messages (CASSANDRA-1677)
* upgrade to SLF4J 1.6.1
* fix ByteBuffer bug in ExpiringColumn.updateDigest (CASSANDRA-1679)
* fix IntegerType.getString (CASSANDRA-1681)
* make the default (CASSANDRA-628)
* add INTERNAL_RESPONSE verb to differentiate from responses related
to client requests (CASSANDRA-1685)
* log tpstats when dropping messages (CASSANDRA-1660)
* include unreachable nodes in describeSchemaVersions (CASSANDRA-1678)
* Avoid dropping messages off the client request path (CASSANDRA-1676)
* fix jna errno reporting (CASSANDRA-1694)
* add friendlier error for UnknownHostException on startup (CASSANDRA-1697)
* include jna dependency in RPM package (CASSANDRA-1690)
* add --skip-keys option to (CASSANDRA-1696)
* improve cli handling of non-string keys and column names
(CASSANDRA-1701, -1693)
* r/m extra subcomparator line in cli keyspaces output (CASSANDRA-1712)
* add read repair chance to cli "show keyspaces"
* upgrade to ConcurrentLinkedHashMap 1.1 (CASSANDRA-975)
* fix index scan routing (CASSANDRA-1722)
* fix tombstoning of supercolumns in range queries (CASSANDRA-1734)
* clear endpoint cache after updating keyspace metadata (CASSANDRA-1741)
* fix wrapping-range queries on non-minimum token (CASSANDRA-1700)
* truncate includes secondary indexes (CASSANDRA-1747)
* retain reference to PendingFile sstables (CASSANDRA-1749)
* fix sstableimport regression (CASSANDRA-1753)
* fix for bootstrap when no non-system tables are defined (CASSANDRA-1732)
* handle replica unavailability in index scan (CASSANDRA-1755)
* fix service initialization order deadlock (CASSANDRA-1756)
* multi-line cli commands (CASSANDRA-1742)
* fix race between snapshot and compaction (CASSANDRA-1736)
* add listEndpointsPendingHints, deleteHintsForEndpoint JMX methods
* add strategy options to describe_keyspace output (CASSANDRA-1560)
* log warning when using randomly generated token (CASSANDRA-1552)
* re-organize JMX into .db, .net, .internal, .request (CASSANDRA-1217)
* allow nodes to change IPs between restarts (CASSANDRA-1518)
* remember ring state between restarts by default (CASSANDRA-1518)
* flush index built flag so we can read it before log replay (CASSANDRA-1541)
* lock row cache updates to prevent race condition (CASSANDRA-1293)
* remove assertion causing rare (and harmless) error messages in
commitlog (CASSANDRA-1330)
* fix moving nodes with no keyspaces defined (CASSANDRA-1574)
* fix unbootstrap when no data is present in a transfer range (CASSANDRA-1573)
* take advantage of AVRO-495 to simplify our avro IDL (CASSANDRA-1436)
* extend authorization hierarchy to column family (CASSANDRA-1554)
* deletion support in secondary indexes (CASSANDRA-1571)
* meaningful error message for invalid replication strategy class
* allow keyspace creation with RF > N (CASSANDRA-1428)
* improve cli error handling (CASSANDRA-1580)
* add cache save/load ability (CASSANDRA-1417, 1606, 1647)
* add StorageService.getDrainProgress (CASSANDRA-1588)
* Disallow bootstrap to an in-use token (CASSANDRA-1561)
* Allow dynamic secondary index creation and destruction (CASSANDRA-1532)
* log auto-guessed memtable thresholds (CASSANDRA-1595)
* add ColumnDef support to cli (CASSANDRA-1583)
* reduce index sample time by 75% (CASSANDRA-1572)
* add cli support for column, strategy metadata (CASSANDRA-1578, 1612)
* add cli support for schema modification (CASSANDRA-1584)
* delete temp files on failed compactions (CASSANDRA-1596)
* avoid blocking for dead nodes during removetoken (CASSANDRA-1605)
* remove ConsistencyLevel.ZERO (CASSANDRA-1607)
* expose in-progress compaction type in jmx (CASSANDRA-1586)
* removed IClock & related classes from internals (CASSANDRA-1502)
* fix removing tokens from SystemTable on decommission and removetoken
* include CF metadata in cli 'show keyspaces' (CASSANDRA-1613)
* switch from Properties to HashMap in PropertyFileSnitch to
avoid synchronization bottleneck (CASSANDRA-1481)
* PropertyFileSnitch configuration file renamed to
* add cli support for get_range_slices (CASSANDRA-1088, CASSANDRA-1619)
* Make memtable flush thresholds per-CF instead of global
(CASSANDRA-1007, 1637)
* add cli support for binary data without CfDef hints (CASSANDRA-1603)
* fix building SSTable statistics post-stream (CASSANDRA-1620)
* fix potential infinite loop in 2ary index queries (CASSANDRA-1623)
* allow creating NTS keyspaces with no replicas configured (CASSANDRA-1626)
* add jmx histogram of sstables accessed per read (CASSANDRA-1624)
* remove system_rename_column_family and system_rename_keyspace from the
client API until races can be fixed (CASSANDRA-1630, CASSANDRA-1585)
* add cli sanity tests (CASSANDRA-1582)
* update GC settings in cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-1636)
* cli support for index queries (CASSANDRA-1635)
* cli support for updating schema memtable settings (CASSANDRA-1634)
* cli --file option (CASSANDRA-1616)
* reduce automatically chosen memtable sizes by 50% (CASSANDRA-1641)
* move endpoint cache from snitch to strategy (CASSANDRA-1643)
* fix commitlog recovery deleting the newly-created segment as well as
the old ones (CASSANDRA-1644)
* upgrade to Thrift 0.5 (CASSANDRA-1367)
* cli truncate support (CASSANDRA-1653)
* update GC settings in cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-1636)
* avoid logging when a node's ip/token is gossipped back to it (CASSANDRA-1666)
* always use UTF-8 for hint keys (CASSANDRA-1439)
* remove cassandra.yaml dependency from Hadoop and Pig (CASSADRA-1322)
* expose CfDef metadata in describe_keyspaces (CASSANDRA-1363)
* restore use of mmap_index_only option (CASSANDRA-1241)
* dropping a keyspace with no column families generated an error
* rename RackAwareStrategy to OldNetworkTopologyStrategy, RackUnawareStrategy
to SimpleStrategy, DatacenterShardStrategy to NetworkTopologyStrategy,
AbstractRackAwareSnitch to AbstractNetworkTopologySnitch (CASSANDRA-1392)
* merge StorageProxy.mutate, mutateBlocking (CASSANDRA-1396)
* faster UUIDType, LongType comparisons (CASSANDRA-1386, 1393)
* fix setting read_repair_chance from CLI addColumnFamily (CASSANDRA-1399)
* fix updates to indexed columns (CASSANDRA-1373)
* fix race condition leaving to FileNotFoundException (CASSANDRA-1382)
* fix sharded lock hash on index write path (CASSANDRA-1402)
* add support for GT/E, LT/E in subordinate index clauses (CASSANDRA-1401)
* cfId counter got out of sync when CFs were added (CASSANDRA-1403)
* less chatty schema updates (CASSANDRA-1389)
* rename column family mbeans. 'type' will now include either
'IndexColumnFamilies' or 'ColumnFamilies' depending on the CFS type.
* disallow invalid keyspace and column family names. This includes name that
matches a '^\w+' regex. (CASSANDRA-1377)
* use JNA, if present, to take snapshots (CASSANDRA-1371)
* truncate hints if starting 0.7 for the first time (CASSANDRA-1414)
* fix FD leak in single-row slicepredicate queries (CASSANDRA-1416)
* allow index expressions against columns that are not part of the
SlicePredicate (CASSANDRA-1410)
* config-converter properly handles snitches and framed support
* remove keyspace argument from multiget_count (CASSANDRA-1422)
* allow specifying cassandra.yaml location as (local or remote) URL
* fix using DynamicEndpointSnitch with NetworkTopologyStrategy
* Add CfDef.default_validation_class (CASSANDRA-891)
* fix EstimatedHistogram.max (CASSANDRA-1413)
* quorum read optimization (CASSANDRA-1622)
* handle zero-length (or missing) rows during HH paging (CASSANDRA-1432)
* include secondary indexes during schema migrations (CASSANDRA-1406)
* fix commitlog header race during schema change (CASSANDRA-1435)
* fix ColumnFamilyStoreMBeanIterator to use new type name (CASSANDRA-1433)
* correct filename generated by xml->yaml converter (CASSANDRA-1419)
* add CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=75 and UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly
to default JVM options
* decrease jvm heap for cassandra-cli (CASSANDRA-1446)
* ability to modify keyspaces and column family definitions on a live cluster
* support for Hadoop Streaming [non-jvm map/reduce via stdin/out]
* Move persistent sstable stats from the system table to an sstable component
* remove failed bootstrap attempt from pending ranges when gossip times
it out after 1h (CASSANDRA-1463)
* eager-create tcp connections to other cluster members (CASSANDRA-1465)
* enumerate stages and derive stage from message type instead of
transmitting separately (CASSANDRA-1465)
* apply reversed flag during collation from different data sources
* make failure to remove commitlog segment non-fatal (CASSANDRA-1348)
* correct ordering of drain operations so CL.recover is no longer
necessary (CASSANDRA-1408)
* removed keyspace from describe_splits method (CASSANDRA-1425)
* rename check_schema_agreement to describe_schema_versions
* fix QUORUM calculation for RF > 3 (CASSANDRA-1487)
* remove tombstones during non-major compactions when bloom filter
verifies that row does not exist in other sstables (CASSANDRA-1074)
* nodes that coordinated a loadbalance in the past could not be seen by
newly added nodes (CASSANDRA-1467)
* exposed endpoint states (gossip details) via jmx (CASSANDRA-1467)
* ensure that compacted sstables are not included when new readers are
instantiated (CASSANDRA-1477)
* by default, calculate heap size and memtable thresholds at runtime (CASSANDRA-1469)
* fix races dealing with adding/dropping keyspaces and column families in
rapid succession (CASSANDRA-1477)
* clean up of Streaming system (CASSANDRA-1503, 1504, 1506)
* add options to configure Thrift socket keepalive and buffer sizes (CASSANDRA-1426)
* make contrib CassandraServiceDataCleaner recursive (CASSANDRA-1509)
* min, max compaction threshold are configurable and persistent
per-ColumnFamily (CASSANDRA-1468)
* fix replaying the last mutation in a commitlog unnecessarily
* invoke getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler from DTPE with the original
exception rather than the ExecutionException wrapper (CASSANDRA-1226)
* remove Clock from the Thrift (and Avro) API (CASSANDRA-1501)
* Close intra-node sockets when connection is broken (CASSANDRA-1528)
* RPM packaging spec file (CASSANDRA-786)
* weighted request scheduler (CASSANDRA-1485)
* treat expired columns as deleted (CASSANDRA-1539)
* make IndexInterval configurable (CASSANDRA-1488)
* add describe_snitch to Thrift API (CASSANDRA-1490)
* MD5 authenticator compares plain text submitted password with MD5'd
saved property, instead of vice versa (CASSANDRA-1447)
* JMX MessagingService pending and completed counts (CASSANDRA-1533)
* fix race condition processing repair responses (CASSANDRA-1511)
* make repair blocking (CASSANDRA-1511)
* create EndpointSnitchInfo and MBean to expose rack and DC (CASSANDRA-1491)
* added option to contrib/word_count to output results back to Cassandra
* rewrite Hadoop ColumnFamilyRecordWriter to pool connections, retry to
multiple Cassandra nodes, and smooth impact on the Cassandra cluster
by using smaller batch sizes (CASSANDRA-1434)
* fix setting gc_grace_seconds via CLI (CASSANDRA-1549)
* support TTL'd index values (CASSANDRA-1536)
* make removetoken work like decommission (CASSANDRA-1216)
* make cli comparator-aware and improve quote rules (CASSANDRA-1523,-1524)
* make nodetool compact and cleanup blocking (CASSANDRA-1449)
* add memtable, cache information to GCInspector logs (CASSANDRA-1558)
* enable/disable HintedHandoff via JMX (CASSANDRA-1550)
* Ignore stray files in the commit log directory (CASSANDRA-1547)
* Disallow bootstrap to an in-use token (CASSANDRA-1561)
* sstable versioning (CASSANDRA-389)
* switched to slf4j logging (CASSANDRA-625)
* add (optional) expiration time for column (CASSANDRA-699)
* access levels for authentication/authorization (CASSANDRA-900)
* add ReadRepairChance to CF definition (CASSANDRA-930)
* fix heisenbug in system tests, especially common on OS X (CASSANDRA-944)
* convert to byte[] keys internally and all public APIs (CASSANDRA-767)
* ability to alter schema definitions on a live cluster (CASSANDRA-44)
* renamed configuration file to cassandra.xml, and to, which must now be loaded from
the classpath (which is how our scripts in bin/ have always done it)
* change get_count to require a SlicePredicate. create multi_get_count
* re-organized endpointsnitch implementations and added SimpleSnitch
* Added preload_row_cache option (CASSANDRA-946)
* add CRC to commitlog header (CASSANDRA-999)
* removed deprecated batch_insert and get_range_slice methods (CASSANDRA-1065)
* add truncate thrift method (CASSANDRA-531)
* http mini-interface using mx4j (CASSANDRA-1068)
* optimize away copy of sliced row on memtable read path (CASSANDRA-1046)
* replace constant-size 2GB mmaped segments and special casing for index
entries spanning segment boundaries, with SegmentedFile that computes
segments that always contain entire entries/rows (CASSANDRA-1117)
* avoid reading large rows into memory during compaction (CASSANDRA-16)
* added hadoop OutputFormat (CASSANDRA-1101)
* efficient Streaming (no more anticompaction) (CASSANDRA-579)
* split commitlog header into separate file and add size checksum to
mutations (CASSANDRA-1179)
* avoid allocating a new byte[] for each mutation on replay (CASSANDRA-1219)
* revise HH schema to be per-endpoint (CASSANDRA-1142)
* add joining/leaving status to nodetool ring (CASSANDRA-1115)
* allow multiple repair sessions per node (CASSANDRA-1190)
* optimize away MessagingService for local range queries (CASSANDRA-1261)
* make framed transport the default so malformed requests can't OOM the
server (CASSANDRA-475)
* significantly faster reads from row cache (CASSANDRA-1267)
* take advantage of row cache during range queries (CASSANDRA-1302)
* make GCGraceSeconds a per-ColumnFamily value (CASSANDRA-1276)
* keep persistent row size and column count statistics (CASSANDRA-1155)
* add IntegerType (CASSANDRA-1282)
* page within a single row during hinted handoff (CASSANDRA-1327)
* push DatacenterShardStrategy configuration into keyspace definition,
eliminating (CASSANDRA-1066)
* optimize forward slices starting with '' and single-index-block name
queries by skipping the column index (CASSANDRA-1338)
* streaming refactor (CASSANDRA-1189)
* faster comparison for UUID types (CASSANDRA-1043)
* secondary index support (CASSANDRA-749 and subtasks)
* make compaction buckets deterministic (CASSANDRA-1265)
* Allow using DynamicEndpointSnitch with RackAwareStrategy (CASSANDRA-1429)
* remove the remaining vestiges of the unfinished DatacenterShardStrategy
(replaced by NetworkTopologyStrategy in 0.7)
* fix key ordering in range query results with RandomPartitioner
and ConsistencyLevel > ONE (CASSANDRA-1145)
* fix for range query starting with the wrong token range (CASSANDRA-1042)
* page within a single row during hinted handoff (CASSANDRA-1327)
* fix compilation on non-sun JDKs (CASSANDRA-1061)
* remove String.trim() call on row keys in batch mutations (CASSANDRA-1235)
* Log summary of dropped messages instead of spamming log (CASSANDRA-1284)
* add dynamic endpoint snitch (CASSANDRA-981)
* fix streaming for keyspaces with hyphens in their name (CASSANDRA-1377)
* fix errors in hard-coded bloom filter optKPerBucket by computing it
algorithmically (CASSANDRA-1220
* remove message deserialization stage, and uncap read/write stages
so slow reads/writes don't block gossip processing (CASSANDRA-1358)
* add jmx port configuration to Debian package (CASSANDRA-1202)
* use mlockall via JNA, if present, to prevent Linux from swapping
out parts of the JVM (CASSANDRA-1214)
* avoid queuing multiple hint deliveries for the same endpoint
* better performance for and stricter checking of UTF8 column names
* extend option to lower compaction priority to hinted handoff
as well (CASSANDRA-1260)
* log errors in gossip instead of re-throwing (CASSANDRA-1289)
* avoid aborting commitlog replay prematurely if a flushed-but-
not-removed commitlog segment is encountered (CASSANDRA-1297)
* fix duplicate rows being read during mapreduce (CASSANDRA-1142)
* failure detection wasn't closing command sockets (CASSANDRA-1221)
* cassandra-cli.bat works on windows (CASSANDRA-1236)
* pre-emptively drop requests that cannot be processed within RPCTimeout
* add ack to Binary write verb and update CassandraBulkLoader
to wait for acks for each row (CASSANDRA-1093)
* added describe_partitioner Thrift method (CASSANDRA-1047)
* Hadoop jobs no longer require the Cassandra storage-conf.xml
* log thread pool stats when GC is excessive (CASSANDRA-1275)
* remove gossip message size limit (CASSANDRA-1138)
* parallelize local and remote reads during multiget, and respect snitch
when determining whether to do local read for CL.ONE (CASSANDRA-1317)
* fix read repair to use requested consistency level on digest mismatch,
rather than assuming QUORUM (CASSANDRA-1316)
* process digest mismatch re-reads in parallel (CASSANDRA-1323)
* switch hints CF comparator to BytesType (CASSANDRA-1274)
* retry to make streaming connections up to 8 times. (CASSANDRA-1019)
* reject describe_ring() calls on invalid keyspaces (CASSANDRA-1111)
* fix cache size calculation for size of 100% (CASSANDRA-1129)
* fix cache capacity only being recalculated once (CASSANDRA-1129)
* remove hourly scan of all hints on the off chance that the gossiper
missed a status change; instead, expose deliverHintsToEndpoint to JMX
so it can be done manually, if necessary (CASSANDRA-1141)
* don't reject reads at CL.ALL (CASSANDRA-1152)
* reject deletions to supercolumns in CFs containing only standard
columns (CASSANDRA-1139)
* avoid preserving login information after client disconnects
* prefer sun jdk to openjdk in debian init script (CASSANDRA-1174)
* detect partioner config changes between restarts and fail fast
* use generation time to resolve node token reassignment disagreements
* restructure the startup ordering of Gossiper and MessageService to avoid
timing anomalies (CASSANDRA-1160)
* detect incomplete commit log hearders (CASSANDRA-1119)
* force anti-entropy service to stream files on the stream stage to avoid
sending streams out of order (CASSANDRA-1169)
* remove inactive stream managers after AES streams files (CASSANDRA-1169)
* allow removing entire row through batch_mutate Deletion (CASSANDRA-1027)
* add JMX metrics for row-level bloom filter false positives (CASSANDRA-1212)
* added a redhat init script to contrib (CASSANDRA-1201)
* use midpoint when bootstrapping a new machine into range with not
much data yet instead of random token (CASSANDRA-1112)
* kill server on OOM in executor stage as well as Thrift (CASSANDRA-1226)
* remove opportunistic repairs, when two machines with overlapping replica
responsibilities happen to finish major compactions of the same CF near
the same time. repairs are now fully manual (CASSANDRA-1190)
* add ability to lower compaction priority (default is no change from 0.6.2)
* fix contrib/word_count build. (CASSANDRA-992)
* split CommitLogExecutorService into BatchCommitLogExecutorService and
PeriodicCommitLogExecutorService (CASSANDRA-1014)
* add latency histograms to CFSMBean (CASSANDRA-1024)
* make resolving timestamp ties deterministic by using value bytes
as a tiebreaker (CASSANDRA-1039)
* Add option to turn off Hinted Handoff (CASSANDRA-894)
* fix windows startup (CASSANDRA-948)
* make concurrent_reads, concurrent_writes configurable at runtime via JMX
* disable GCInspector on non-Sun JVMs (CASSANDRA-1061)
* fix tombstone handling in sstable rows with no other data (CASSANDRA-1063)
* fix size of row in spanned index entries (CASSANDRA-1056)
* install json2sstable, sstable2json, and sstablekeys to Debian package
* StreamingService.StreamDestinations wouldn't empty itself after streaming
finished (CASSANDRA-1076)
* added Collections.shuffle(splits) before returning the splits in
ColumnFamilyInputFormat (CASSANDRA-1096)
* do not recalculate cache capacity post-compaction if it's been manually
modified (CASSANDRA-1079)
* better defaults for flush sorter + writer executor queue sizes
* windows scripts for SSTableImport/Export (CASSANDRA-1051)
* windows script for nodetool (CASSANDRA-1113)
* expose PhiConvictThreshold (CASSANDRA-1053)
* make repair of RF==1 a no-op (CASSANDRA-1090)
* improve default JVM GC options (CASSANDRA-1014)
* fix SlicePredicate serialization inside Hadoop jobs (CASSANDRA-1049)
* close Thrift sockets in Hadoop ColumnFamilyRecordReader (CASSANDRA-1081)
* fix NPE in sstable2json when no excluded keys are given (CASSANDRA-934)
* keep the replica set constant throughout the read repair process
* allow querying getAllRanges with empty token list (CASSANDRA-933)
* fix command line arguments inversion in clustertool (CASSANDRA-942)
* fix race condition that could trigger a false-positive assertion
during post-flush discard of old commitlog segments (CASSANDRA-936)
* fix neighbor calculation for anti-entropy repair (CASSANDRA-924)
* perform repair even for small entropy differences (CASSANDRA-924)
* Use hostnames in CFInputFormat to allow Hadoop's naive string-based
locality comparisons to work (CASSANDRA-955)
* cache read-only BufferedRandomAccessFile length to avoid
3 system calls per invocation (CASSANDRA-950)
* nodes with IPv6 (and no IPv4) addresses could not join cluster
* Retrieve the correct number of undeleted columns, if any, from
a supercolumn in a row that had been deleted previously (CASSANDRA-920)
* fix index scans that cross the 2GB mmap boundaries for both mmap
and standard i/o modes (CASSANDRA-866)
* expose drain via nodetool (CASSANDRA-978)
* JMX drain to flush memtables and run through commit log (CASSANDRA-880)
* Bootstrapping can skip ranges under the right conditions (CASSANDRA-902)
* fix merging row versions in range_slice for CL > ONE (CASSANDRA-884)
* default write ConsistencyLeven chaned from ZERO to ONE
* fix for index entries spanning mmap buffer boundaries (CASSANDRA-857)
* use lexical comparison if time part of TimeUUIDs are the same
* bound read, mutation, and response stages to fix possible OOM
during log replay (CASSANDRA-885)
* Use microseconds-since-epoch (UTC) in cli, instead of milliseconds
* Treat batch_mutate Deletion with null supercolumn as "apply this predicate
to top level supercolumns" (CASSANDRA-834)
* Streaming destination nodes do not update their JMX status (CASSANDRA-916)
* Fix internal RPC timeout calculation (CASSANDRA-911)
* Added Pig loadfunc to contrib/pig (CASSANDRA-910)
* fix compaction bucketing bug (CASSANDRA-814)
* update windows batch file (CASSANDRA-824)
* deprecate KeysCachedFraction configuration directive in favor
of KeysCached; move to unified-per-CF key cache (CASSANDRA-801)
* add invalidateRowCache to ColumnFamilyStoreMBean (CASSANDRA-761)
* send Handoff hints to natural locations to reduce load on
remaining nodes in a failure scenario (CASSANDRA-822)
* Add RowWarningThresholdInMB configuration option to warn before very
large rows get big enough to threaten node stability, and -x option to
be able to remove them with sstable2json if the warning is unheeded
until it's too late (CASSANDRA-843)
* Add logging of GC activity (CASSANDRA-813)
* fix ConcurrentModificationException in commitlog discard (CASSANDRA-853)
* Fix hardcoded row count in Hadoop RecordReader (CASSANDRA-837)
* Add a jmx status to the streaming service and change several DEBUG
messages to INFO (CASSANDRA-845)
* fix classpath in cassandra-cli.bat for Windows (CASSANDRA-858)
* allow re-specifying host, port to cassandra-cli if invalid ones
are first tried (CASSANDRA-867)
* fix race condition handling rpc timeout in the coordinator
* Remove CalloutLocation and StagingFileDirectory from storage-conf files
since those settings are no longer used (CASSANDRA-878)
* Parse a long from RowWarningThresholdInMB instead of an int (CASSANDRA-882)
* Remove obsolete ControlPort code from DatabaseDescriptor (CASSANDRA-886)
* move skipBytes side effect out of assert (CASSANDRA-899)
* add "double getLoad" to StorageServiceMBean (CASSANDRA-898)
* track row stats per CF at compaction time (CASSANDRA-870)
* disallow CommitLogDirectory matching a DataFileDirectory (CASSANDRA-888)
* default key cache size is 200k entries, changed from 10% (CASSANDRA-863)
* add -Dcassandra-foreground=yes to cassandra.bat
* exit if cluster name is changed unexpectedly (CASSANDRA-769)
* add batch_mutate thrift command, deprecating batch_insert (CASSANDRA-336)
* remove get_key_range Thrift API, deprecated in 0.5 (CASSANDRA-710)
* add optional login() Thrift call for authentication (CASSANDRA-547)
* support fat clients using gossiper and StorageProxy to perform
replication in-process [jvm-only] (CASSANDRA-535)
* support mmapped I/O for reads, on by default on 64bit JVMs
* improve insert concurrency, particularly during Hinted Handoff
* faster network code (CASSANDRA-675)
* moved to contrib (CASSANDRA-635)
* row caching [must be explicitly enabled per-CF in config] (CASSANDRA-678)
* present a useful measure of compaction progress in JMX (CASSANDRA-599)
* add bin/sstablekeys (CASSNADRA-679)
* add ConsistencyLevel.ANY (CASSANDRA-687)
* make removetoken remove nodes from gossip entirely (CASSANDRA-644)
* add ability to set cache sizes at runtime (CASSANDRA-708)
* report latency and cache hit rate statistics with lifetime totals
instead of average over the last minute (CASSANDRA-702)
* support get_range_slice for RandomPartitioner (CASSANDRA-745)
* per-keyspace replication factory and replication strategy (CASSANDRA-620)
* track latency in microseconds (CASSANDRA-733)
* add describe_ Thrift methods, deprecating get_string_property and
* jmx interface for tracking operation mode and streams in general.
* keep memtables in sorted order to improve range query performance
* use while loop instead of recursion when trimming sstables compaction list
to avoid blowing stack in pathological cases (CASSANDRA-804)
* basic Hadoop map/reduce support (CASSANDRA-342)
* ensure all files for an sstable are streamed to the same directory.
* more accurate load estimate for bootstrapping (CASSANDRA-762)
* tolerate dead or unavailable bootstrap target on write (CASSANDRA-731)
* allow larger numbers of keys (> 140M) in a sstable bloom filter
* include jvm argument improvements from CASSANDRA-504 in debian package
* change streaming chunk size to 32MB to accomodate Windows XP limitations
(was 64MB) (CASSANDRA-795)
* fix get_range_slice returning results in the wrong order (CASSANDRA-781)
0.5.0 final
* avoid attempting to delete temporary bootstrap files twice (CASSANDRA-681)
* fix bogus NaN in nodeprobe cfstats output (CASSANDRA-646)
* provide a policy for dealing with single thread executors w/ a full queue
* optimize inner read in MessagingService, vastly improving multiple-node
performance (CASSANDRA-675)
* wait for table flush before streaming data back to a bootstrapping node.
* keep track of bootstrapping sources by table so that bootstrapping doesn't
give the indication of finishing early (CASSANDRA-673)
0.5.0 RC3
* commit the correct version of the patch for CASSANDRA-663
0.5.0 RC2 (unreleased)
* fix bugs in converting get_range_slice results to Thrift
* expose java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException in StorageProxy methods
* TcpConnectionManager was holding on to disconnected connections,
giving the false indication they were being used. (CASSANDRA-651)
* Remove duplicated write. (CASSANDRA-662)
* Abort bootstrap if IP is already in the token ring (CASSANDRA-663)
* increase default commitlog sync period, and wait for last sync to
finish before submitting another (CASSANDRA-668)
0.5.0 RC1
* Fix potential NPE in get_range_slice (CASSANDRA-623)
* add CRC32 to commitlog entries (CASSANDRA-605)
* fix data streaming on windows (CASSANDRA-630)
* GC compacted sstables after cleanup and compaction (CASSANDRA-621)
* Speed up anti-entropy validation (CASSANDRA-629)
* Fix anti-entropy assertion error (CASSANDRA-639)
* Fix pending range conflicts when bootstapping or moving
multiple nodes at once (CASSANDRA-603)
* Handle obsolete gossip related to node movement in the case where
one or more nodes is down when the movement occurs (CASSANDRA-572)
* Include dead nodes in gossip to avoid a variety of problems
and fix HH to removed nodes (CASSANDRA-634)
* return an InvalidRequestException for mal-formed SlicePredicates
* fix bug determining closest neighbor for use in multiple datacenters
* Vast improvements in anticompaction speed (CASSANDRA-607)
* Speed up log replay and writes by avoiding redundant serializations
0.5.0 beta 2
* Bootstrap improvements (several tickets)
* add nodeprobe repair anti-entropy feature (CASSANDRA-193, CASSANDRA-520)
* fix possibility of partition when many nodes restart at once
in clusters with multiple seeds (CASSANDRA-150)
* fix NPE in get_range_slice when no data is found (CASSANDRA-578)
* fix potential NPE in hinted handoff (CASSANDRA-585)
* fix cleanup of local "system" keyspace (CASSANDRA-576)
* improve computation of cluster load balance (CASSANDRA-554)
* added super column read/write, column count, and column/row delete to
cassandra-cli (CASSANDRA-567, CASSANDRA-594)
* fix returning live subcolumns of deleted supercolumns (CASSANDRA-583)
* respect JAVA_HOME in bin/ scripts (several tickets)
* add StorageService.initClient for fat clients on the JVM (CASSANDRA-535)
(see contrib/client_only for an example of use)
* make consistency_level functional in get_range_slice (CASSANDRA-568)
* optimize key deserialization for RandomPartitioner (CASSANDRA-581)
* avoid GCing tombstones except on major compaction (CASSANDRA-604)
* increase failure conviction threshold, resulting in less nodes
incorrectly (and temporarily) marked as down (CASSANDRA-610)
* respect memtable thresholds during log replay (CASSANDRA-609)
* support ConsistencyLevel.ALL on read (CASSANDRA-584)
* add nodeprobe removetoken command (CASSANDRA-564)
0.5.0 beta
* Allow multiple simultaneous flushes, improving flush throughput
on multicore systems (CASSANDRA-401)
* Split up locks to improve write and read throughput on multicore systems
* More efficient use of memory during compaction (CASSANDRA-436)
* autobootstrap option: when enabled, all non-seed nodes will attempt
to bootstrap when started, until bootstrap successfully
completes. -b option is removed. (CASSANDRA-438)
* Unless a token is manually specified in the configuration xml,
a bootstraping node will use a token that gives it half the
keys from the most-heavily-loaded node in the cluster,
instead of generating a random token.
* Miscellaneous bootstrap fixes (several tickets)
* Ability to change a node's token even after it has data on it
* Ability to decommission a live node from the ring (CASSANDRA-435)
* Semi-automatic loadbalancing via nodeprobe (CASSANDRA-192)
* Add ability to set compaction thresholds at runtime via
JMX / nodeprobe. (CASSANDRA-465)
* Add "comment" field to ColumnFamily definition. (CASSANDRA-481)
* Additional JMX metrics (CASSANDRA-482)
* JSON based export and import tools (several tickets)
* Hinted Handoff fixes (several tickets)
* Add key cache to improve read performance (CASSANDRA-423)
* Simplified construction of custom ReplicationStrategy classes
* Graphical application (Swing) for ring integrity verification and
visualization was added to contrib (CASSANDRA-252)
* Add DCQUORUM, DCQUORUMSYNC consistency levels and corresponding
ReplicationStrategy / EndpointSnitch classes. Experimental.
* Web client interface added to contrib (CASSANDRA-457)
* More-efficient flush for Random, CollatedOPP partitioners
for normal writes (CASSANDRA-446) and bulk load (CASSANDRA-420)
* Add MemtableFlushAfterMinutes, a global replacement for the old
per-CF FlushPeriodInMinutes setting (CASSANDRA-463)
* optimizations to slice reading (CASSANDRA-350) and supercolumn
queries (CASSANDRA-510)
* force binding to given listenaddress for nodes with multiple
interfaces (CASSANDRA-546)
* benchmarking tool improvements (several tickets)
* optimized replica placement code (CASSANDRA-525)
* faster log replay on restart (CASSANDRA-539, CASSANDRA-540)
* optimized local-node writes (CASSANDRA-558)
* added get_range_slice, deprecating get_key_range (CASSANDRA-344)
* expose TimedOutException to thrift (CASSANDRA-563)
* Add validation disallowing null keys (CASSANDRA-486)
* Fix race conditions in TCPConnectionManager (CASSANDRA-487)
* Fix using non-utf8-aware comparison as a sanity check.
* Improve default garbage collector options (CASSANDRA-504)
* Add "nodeprobe flush" (CASSANDRA-505)
* remove NotFoundException from get_slice throws list (CASSANDRA-518)
* fix get (not get_slice) of entire supercolumn (CASSANDRA-508)
* fix null token during bootstrap (CASSANDRA-501)
* Fix FlushPeriod columnfamily configuration regression
* Fix long column name support (CASSANDRA-460)
* Fix for serializing a row that only contains tombstones
* Fix for discarding unneeded commitlog segments (CASSANDRA-459)
* Add SnapshotBeforeCompaction configuration option (CASSANDRA-426)
* Fix compaction abort under insufficient disk space (CASSANDRA-473)
* Fix reading subcolumn slice from tombstoned CF (CASSANDRA-484)
* Fix race condition in RVH causing occasional NPE (CASSANDRA-478)
* fix get_key_range problems when a node is down (CASSANDRA-440)
and add UnavailableException to more Thrift methods
* Add example EndPointSnitch contrib code (several tickets)
0.4.0 RC2
* fix SSTable generation clash during compaction (CASSANDRA-418)
* reject method calls with null parameters (CASSANDRA-308)
* properly order ranges in nodeprobe output (CASSANDRA-421)
* fix logging of certain errors on executor threads (CASSANDRA-425)
0.4.0 RC1
* Bootstrap feature is live; use -b on startup (several tickets)
* Added multiget api (CASSANDRA-70)
* fix Deadlock with SelectorManager.doProcess and TcpConnection.write
* remove key cache b/c of concurrency bugs in third-party
CLHM library (CASSANDRA-405)
* update non-major compaction logic to use two threshold values
* add periodic / batch commitlog sync modes (several tickets)
* inline BatchMutation into batch_insert params (CASSANDRA-403)
* allow setting the logging level at runtime via mbean (CASSANDRA-402)
* change default comparator to BytesType (CASSANDRA-400)
* add forwards-compatible ConsistencyLevel parameter to get_key_range
* r/m special case of blocking for local destination when writing with
ConsistencyLevel.ZERO (CASSANDRA-399)
* Fixes to make BinaryMemtable [bulk load interface] useful (CASSANDRA-337);
see contrib/bmt_example for an example of using it.
* More JMX properties added (several tickets)
* Thrift changes (several tickets)
- Merged _super get methods with the normal ones; return values
are now of ColumnOrSuperColumn.
- Similarly, merged batch_insert_super into batch_insert.
0.4.0 beta
* On-disk data format has changed to allow billions of keys/rows per
node instead of only millions
* Multi-keyspace support
* Scan all sstables for all queries to avoid situations where
different types of operation on the same ColumnFamily could
disagree on what data was present
* Snapshot support via JMX
* Thrift API has changed a _lot_:
- removed time-sorted CFs; instead, user-defined comparators
may be defined on the column names, which are now byte arrays.
Default comparators are provided for UTF8, Bytes, Ascii, Long (i64),
and UUID types.
- removed colon-delimited strings in thrift api in favor of explicit
structs such as ColumnPath, ColumnParent, etc. Also normalized
thrift struct and argument naming.
- Added columnFamily argument to get_key_range.
- Change signature of get_slice to accept starting and ending
columns as well as an offset. (This allows use of indexes.)
Added "ascending" flag to allow reasonably-efficient reverse
scans as well. Removed get_slice_by_range as redundant.
- get_key_range operates on one CF at a time
- changed `block` boolean on insert methods to ConsistencyLevel enum,
with options of NONE, ONE, QUORUM, and ALL.
- added similar consistency_level parameter to read methods
- column-name-set slice with no names given now returns zero columns
instead of all of them. ("all" can run your server out of memory.
use a range-based slice with a high max column count instead.)
* Removed the web interface. Node information can now be obtained by
using the newly introduced nodeprobe utility.
* More JMX stats
* Remove magic values from internals (e.g. special key to indicate
when to flush memtables)
* Rename configuration "table" to "keyspace"
* Moved to crash-only design; no more shutdown (just kill the process)
* Lots of bug fixes
Full list of issues resolved in 0.4 is at
0.3.0 RC3
* Fix potential deadlock under load in TCPConnection.
0.3.0 RC2
* Fix possible data loss when server is stopped after replaying
log but before new inserts force memtable flush.
* Added BUGS file
0.3.0 RC1
* Range queries on keys, including user-defined key collation
* Remove support
* Workarounds for a weird bug in JDK select/register that seems
particularly common on VM environments. Cassandra should deploy
fine on EC2 now
* Much improved infrastructure: the beginnings of a decent test suite
("ant test" for unit tests; "nosetests" for system tests), code
coverage reporting, etc.
* Expanded node status reporting via JMX
* Improved error reporting/logging on both server and client
* Reduced memory footprint in default configuration
* Combined blocking and non-blocking versions of insert APIs
* Added FlushPeriodInMinutes configuration parameter to force
flushing of infrequently-updated ColumnFamilies
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