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Version bump to 20080411.

Also updated CONTRIBUTORS and NEWS.

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+Chad Walters <>
+-TJSONProtocol for C++ and Java
Nitay <>
--Support for "make check".
+-Support for "make check"
William Morgan <>
--Miscellaneous Ruby improvements.
+-Miscellaneous Ruby improvements
Ben Maurer <>
--Restructuring the way Autoconf is used.
+-Restructuring the way Autoconf is used
Patrick Collison <>
--Smalltalk bindings.
+-Smalltalk bindings
Dave Simpson <>
--Better support for connection tracking in the C++ server.
--Miscellaneous fixes.
+-Better support for connection tracking in the C++ server
+-Miscellaneous fixes
Igor Afanasyev <>
-Perl HttpClient and bugfixes
Todd Berman <>
--MinGW port of the compiler.
--C# bindings.
--MS build task.
+-MinGW port of the compiler
+-C# bindings
+-MS build task
Release 20070917
@@ -1,3 +1,32 @@
+Release Notes for Thrift 20080411
+.equals and .hashCode() for Java scturcts (developed by dreiss).
+Improvments to the C++ TSocketPool (developed by akhil).
+PHP (de)serialization extension (developed by dweatherford).
+Add fb303 to contrib (developed by Facebook).
+TJSONProtocol for C++ and Java (contributed by Chad Walters of Powerset).
+Support for "make check" and better tests (contributed by Nitay).
+Smalltalk support (contributed by Patrick Collison).
+Dave Simpson <>
+Better support for connection tracking in the C++ server (contributed by
+Dave Simpson of Powerset).
+Perl HttpClient (contributed by Igor Afanasyev of Evernote).
+C# support (contributed by Todd Berman of imeem).
+MinGW port of the compiler (contributed by Todd Berman of imeem).
+Tons of small improvements and bug fixes.
Release Notes for Thrift 20070917
TBinaryProtocol now includes a protocol version number in messaged.
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-AC_INIT([thrift], [20070917])
+AC_INIT([thrift], [20080411])

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