A 'Auto Hot Key' script to smooth 4M tracks in Planet Coaster
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Planet Coaster Smoothing Tool.exe



A 'Auto Hot Key' script to smooth 4M tracks in Planet Coaster


  1. Run Planet Coaster in borderless mode
  2. Create your coaster and select the first 4 track pieces.
  3. Run the script as administrator.
  4. Press "Register Smooth", then LCtrl + LClick on the smooth button.
  5. Press "Start Tracing".
  6. While holding LCtrl, click the marker and move it one track over.
  7. Repeat this until you are at the end of the track, then do the process backwards to your starting point. All while holding LCtrl
  8. Press the "Smooth: x" button.

Note: Keep an eye out while it is smoothing. Sometimes Planet Coaster does not register a click, and the marker will not be moved. When this happends press LCtrl + P to stop the smoothing process, move the marker back to your start point, and press the "Smooth: x" button again.

Tip: Smooth your coaster in small segments of ~20 pieces. Keep track of your start and end points by coloring the track something bright.