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edge-connect: express.js request handlers implemented as OWIN .NET applications #20

tjanczuk opened this Issue · 7 comments

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The edge-connect project that builds on top of edge.js is looking for someone who can show love, passion, and respect.

The goal is to allow people to plug in existing OWIN .NET applications as express.js request handlers or connect middleware. If you are passionate about web frameworks, this may be for you.


This one looks very interesting to me. Not sure I understand what exactly need to be done here, will elaborate and as questions if any.


Check out what is already there in the edge-connect project. Note that it still uses a previous reincarnation of the edge.js project that was called owin.

The first thing the the project would need is removing its dependency on owin and introducing edge instead. Conceptually they are very alike.

Anyway, browse through the code, read the spec, and let me know if you have any questions.


Tomasz, I think I got direction. Will look into.


Actually working on it

Feedback is welcome


Thanks for looking into it. I am on vacation with limited connectivity, but will check it out when I return at the end of August.


Back from vacation. Forgot to update the ReadMe file. Now it's done.

@tjanczuk tjanczuk closed this
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