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Simplify JS event callback pattern #25

dbaeumer opened this Issue March 26, 2013 · 4 comments

4 participants

dbaeumer Tomasz Janczuk Keith Dahlby Glenn Block

When calling back into JS from CLR the JS function has to invoke a passed in callback to the CLR again to continue the CLR code in case of an await on the call to JS. If CLR only wants to fire an event in JS and doesn't need to await the return of the callback the pattern can be simplified.

Tomasz Janczuk

I wonder if it makes sense to generalize it a bit to supporting Action<object> delegates in addition to Func<object,Task<object>>. Both ways. Thoughts?

Tomasz Janczuk

@glennblock opinion?

Keith Dahlby

:+1: for Action<object> mapping to a JS return value of undefined.

Glenn Block

For simplifying fire and forget type calls this makes sense as it won't block the main app thread.

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