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Allow all iisnode settings to be configured via environment variables #220

glennblock opened this Issue · 5 comments

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All vars should have an iisnode- prefix, for example IISNODE-ENABLEDEBUGGING. This will make it easy to configure iisnode from the Azure portal.

Here is the order of precedence for how config values will be read

  1. Env vars
  2. iisnode.yml
  3. web.config @gissues:{"order":72.4609375,"status":"notstarted"}

With this change iisnode allows specification of all of its settings using environment variables.

Environment variables must be set in the environment block of the IIS worker process (w3wp.exe) to be effective. Naming of the environment variables follows a pattern of IISNODE_<SettingName>, where <SettingName> corresponds to any of the configuration settings specified in iisnode.yml. String configuration settings are used literally. Integer configuration settings allow values between 0 and LONG_MAX. Boolean configuration settings should be specified as 1 or 0.

This is the order of precedence of configuration settings (with 1 taking precedence over 2, etc.):

  1. iisnode.yml
  2. environment variables
  3. web.config
  4. defaults in iisnode_schema.xml
@tjanczuk tjanczuk closed this in fc9a51f

sorry but i can't find any example on google of how to setup Environment variables for the IIS worker process :( could you please guide me a little?


@bjrmatos take a look at this sample web.config . It's setting up the virtualDirPath environment variable.


Also you can specify variables by adding stuff like LOGON_USER to the promoteServerVars option within iisnode settings section.


thnks @Siafu!! :)

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