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iisnode releases

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iisnode releases


getting started

Follow instructions in the readme.

new in v0.1.15

  • support for friendly HTTP 200 dev errors with capture of node.exe stdout and stderr output #55
  • enabled access to IIS server variables from node.js application (among other things, one can access the name of the authenticated user) #87
  • support for X-Forwarded-For header #94

new in v0.1.14

  • support for HTTP 1.0 requests #109
  • simplified support for multi-core machines (equivalent of cluster functionality) #129
  • support for auto-recycle when application dependencies are updated #58
  • fixed handling of empty HTTP request headers #131
  • improved diagnostics of configuration issues #128
  • configuration of named pipe connection pool #124
  • added many new performance tests
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