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#include <process.h>
#include <node.h>
#include <v8.h>
using namespace v8;
HANDLE scriptThread;
DWORD tripwireThreshold;
HANDLE tripwireThread;
HANDLE event;
void tripwireWorker(void* data)
BOOL skipTimeCapture = FALSE;
ULARGE_INTEGER su, sk, eu, ek;
// This thread monitors the elapsed CPU utilization time of the node.js thread and forces V8 to terminate
// execution if it exceeds the preconfigured tripwireThreshold.
while (1)
// Unless the threshold validation logic requested to keep the current thread time utilization values,
// capture the current user mode and kernel mode CPU utilization time of the thread on which node.js executes
// application code.
if (skipTimeCapture)
skipTimeCapture = FALSE;
GetThreadTimes(scriptThread, &tmp, &tmp, (LPFILETIME)&sk.u, (LPFILETIME)&su.u);
// Wait on the auto reset event. The event will be signalled in one of two cases:
// 1. When the timeout value equal to tripwireThreshold elapses, or
// 2. When the event is explicitly signalled from resetTripwire.
// A tripwireThreshold value of 0 indicates the tripwire mechanism is turned off, in which case
// an inifite wait is initiated on the event (which will only be terminated with an explicit signal
// during subsequent call to resetThreashold).
if (WAIT_TIMEOUT == WaitForSingleObject(event, 0 == tripwireThreshold ? INFINITE : tripwireThreshold))
// If the wait result on the event is WAIT_TIMEOUT, it means neither clearThreshold or resetThreshold
// were called in the tripwireThreshold period since the last call to resetThreshold. This indicates
// a possibility that the node.js thread is blocked.
// If tripwireThreshold is 0 at this point, however, it means a call to clearTripwire was made
// since the last call to resetThreshold. In this case we just skip tripwire enforcement and
// proceed to wait for a subsequent event.
if (0 < tripwireThreshold)
// Take a snapshot of the current kernel and user mode CPU utilization time of the node.js thread
// to determine if the elapsed CPU utilization time exceeded the preconfigured tripwireThreshold.
// Despite the fact this code only ever executes after the auto reset event has already timeout out
// after the tripwireThreshold amount of time without hearing from the node.js thread, it need not
// necessarily mean that the node.js thread exceeded that execution time threshold. It might not
// have been running at all in that period, subject to OS scheduling.
GetThreadTimes(scriptThread, &tmp, &tmp, (LPFILETIME)&ek.u, (LPFILETIME)&eu.u);
ULONGLONG elapsed100Ns = ek.QuadPart - sk.QuadPart + eu.QuadPart - su.QuadPart;
// Thread execution times are reported in 100ns units. Convert to milliseconds.
DWORD elapsedMs = elapsed100Ns / 10000;
// If the actual CPU execution time of the node.js thread exceeded the threshold, terminate
// the V8 process. Otherwise wait again while maintaining the current snapshot of the initial
// time utilization. This mechanism results in termination of a runaway thread some time in the
// (tripwireThreshold, 2 * tripwireThreshold) range of CPU utilization.
if (elapsedMs >= tripwireThreshold)
skipTimeCapture = TRUE;
Handle<Value> resetTripwire(const Arguments& args)
HandleScope scope;
if (1 != args.Length() || !args[0]->IsUint32())
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New(
"First agument must be an integer time threshold in milliseconds.")));
if (0 == args[0]->ToUint32()->Value())
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New(
"The time threshold for blocking operations must be greater than 0.")));
tripwireThreshold = args[0]->ToUint32()->Value();
if (NULL == tripwireThread)
// This is the first call to resetTripwire. Perform lazy initialization.
// Create the auto reset event that will be used for signalling future changes
// of the tripwireThreshold value to the worker thread.
if (NULL == (event = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL)))
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New("Unable to create waitable event.")));
// Capture the current thread handle as the thread on which node.js executes user code. The
// worker process measures the CPU utilization of this thread to determine if the execution time
// threshold has been exceeded.
if (!DuplicateHandle(
event = NULL;
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New("Unable to duplicate handle of the script thread.")));
// Create the worker thread.
if (NULL == (tripwireThread = (HANDLE)_beginthread(tripwireWorker, 4096, NULL)))
event = NULL;
scriptThread = 0;
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New("Unable to initialize a tripwire thread.")));
// Signal the already existing worker process using the auto reset event.
// This will cause the worker process to
// reset the elapsed time timer and pick up the new tripwireThreshold value.
return Undefined();
Handle<Value> clearTripwire(const Arguments& args)
HandleScope scope;
// Seting tripwireThreshold to 0 indicates to the worker process that
// there is no threshold to enforce. The worker process will make this determination
// next time it is signalled, there is no need to force an extra context switch here
// by explicit signalling.
tripwireThreshold = 0;
return Undefined();
void init(Handle<Object> target)
tripwireThread = scriptThread = event = NULL;
NODE_SET_METHOD(target, "resetTripwire", resetTripwire);
NODE_SET_METHOD(target, "clearTripwire", clearTripwire);
NODE_MODULE(tripwire, init);
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