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try to refresh accesstoken on 401

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1 parent 91b3418 commit eea8136cfc612e619eac3aeead4ba5bd46508e1d @tjanczuk committed
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  1. +6 −0 lib/wns.js
6 lib/wns.js
@@ -273,6 +273,12 @@ var sendNotificationNow = function (context) {
// empty
+ else if (res.statusCode === 401 && !context.newAccessToken) {

should this not be happening anyway (even if there is not callback for e.g.)?

also - should a one-time retry be started in this case?

@tjanczuk Owner

I try to obtain a new access token in two situations:

  • the user did not provide options.accessToken when calling a sendXYZ method,
  • the user provided an expired options.accessToken when calling a sendXYZ method (which is represented by the !context.newAccessToken check above).

I am not sure we need to provide a retry for obtaining an access token (i.e. handle a situation when obtaining access token does not succeed on first try.

oh sorry I got lost in the flow (missing feature - expand file around the change to get proper context)

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+ // accessToken may have expired - try once to obtain a new one
+ obtainAccessToken(context);
+ }
else {
// failure

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