A simple Flask API to a python app dockerized in a WSGI, NGINX image
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This is a very simple example of an Flask based API on top of a python application. For this toy example I have a written a simple XKCD style password generator and wrapped it in a flask API with a Swagger UI interface. The Flask API can then be wrapped in a WSGI, NGINX docker ready for production.

For the list of words used in the password generator I have used /usr/share/dict/words found on most Linux systems.

Below is a an example of the Swagger UI which provides really nice interface to the API. Swagger example


To test the application locally, then run app/main.py and access the url:

Docker container

Run the following command to build the Docker image

docker build -t pw_api:0.1 .

Initialize a instance of the image

docker run -d -p 80:80 pw_api:0.1

Access the container in a browser on port 80: