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Gomega Matchers for Counterfeiter

This package provides some helpful Gomega matchers that help you write effective assertions against counterfeiter fakes.


Verifies that a function was invoked on a counterfeiter fake.


myFake := new(FakeSomething)
myFake.Something("arg1", 0)

This actually works with any object that implements an "invocation recording" interface.

type Recorder interface{
  Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

Implemented Features

  • one not need to specify a gomega matcher to check equality
    • e.g.: these are equivalent:
    • Expect(myFake).To(HaveReceived("Something").With(Equal("arg1"), Equal(0)))
    • Expect(myFake).To(HaveReceived("Something").With("arg1", 0))

Planned Features

(These would be good for new contributors)

  • I should be able to specify multiple arguments at once
    • e.g.: Expect(myFake).To(HaveReceived("Something").With(Equal("my-arg", Equal(0)))
  • I should be able to specify a number of times a function was invoked
    • e.g.: Expect(myFake).To(HaveReceived("Something").Times(1))