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Fun with opengl, gosu and ruby
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Gosu OpenGl Fun



  • using_nehe_lessons - Dir containing NeHe tutorials simplified and ported to use ruby, ruby-opengl, gosu
  • lessons - Dir containing tutorials that will help playing around with gosu and opengl
  • modules - As I will go though lessons and exams of open gl code I will start to refactor them into usable modules, engine parts etc


  • Install gems via bundle install
  • Run lessons via bundle exec ruby <pathtolesson>

Implemented so far

  • lesson01 - texture loading
  • lesson02 - polygons
  • lesson03 - adding colors
  • lesson04 - rotation animation
  • lesson05 - 3D shapes
  • lesson06 - texture mapping
  • lesson07 - texture filters, lighting and keyboard control
  • lesson08 - texture blending, transparency
  • lesson09 - moving bitmaps in 3D space
  • lesson10 - loading and moving through 3D World
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