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Director Build Status

Director (web3) is a website management platform for TJHSST.

Developing for Director

Before starting development for Director, generate Ion OAuth credentials here. Clone this repository, and copy config/devconfig.json.sample to config/devconfig.json. Edit the devconfig.json file and fill out the ion_key and ion_secret fields with your Ion OAuth credentials.

To develop for Director, you will need to download Vagrant. After it is downloaded, you should install the following Vagrant plugins:

  • vagrant-bindfs
  • vagrant-winnfsd (if you're using Windows)

Then you can run vagrant up in the folder with the Vagrantfile. This will create a virtual machine to run the Director development environment. After provisioning is finished, you should be able to access Director at localhost:8000.

To stop the virtual machine, you can use the vagrant halt command. You can also suspend and resume the machine using the commands vagrant suspend and vagrant resume. You can SSH into the virtual machine using the command vagrant ssh. You can restart the server using the commands supervisorctl restart director or supervisorctl restart directornode.

The Conductor agent is not installed by default. To install the Conductor agent, SSH into the machine and run sudo bash director/config/

Current Director maintainer: Theo Ouzhinski (TJ 2020)

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