Abandoned, but development has been continued by Steve Bennett.
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See stevage's fork for continued development!

I'm no longer maintaining this code, or am an active member of the MyTardis community. Take a look at Steve's continued development work. I hear good things about it. -- Tim

Atom Dataset Producer

Build Status Abandoned


This app provides a tiny web-server for exposing a directory via an Atom feed. It is intended to act as a demonstration producer for the MyTardis Atom app.

Note: This app has previously been described as a reference implementation, which caused confusion. It is not. While the output produced is still correct, the method it uses to generate that output is not suitable for use in a production environment. It may have been previously, however the addition of hash digests for files (which MyTardis now requires) makes the "store nothing" architecture impractical for datasets larger than a few megabytes.

Platform Support

This app is targeted at Node.js 0.6.x on Linux and Windows.

Due to a lack of uid support in Windows (and the relatively immature APIs currently available) performance will be MUCH better on Linux.


Once you've checked out the latest version of this app from Github, you can install the dependencies with NPM (which is bundled with Node.js) and run the tests:

npm install
npm test


To serve up the directory ~/mydir on port 8001:

bin/atom-dataset-provider -d ~/mydir -p 8001

Run bin/atom-dataset-provider --help for a full list of options.