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// original source from Michael Tyson
// modified by adding additional functions to produce and consume without checking for buffer underflow
// for delay lines
// tz 11/2011
// TPCircularBuffer.h
// Circular buffer implementation
// Created by Michael Tyson on 19/03/2011.
// Copyright 2011 A Tasty Pixel. All rights reserved.
#include <libkern/OSAtomic.h>
typedef struct {
int32_t head;
int32_t tail;
volatile int32_t fillCount;
int32_t length;
} TPCircularBufferRecord;
void TPCircularBufferInit(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int length);
void TPCircularBufferClear(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
int TPCircularBufferFillCount(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
int TPCircularBufferFillCountContiguous(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
int TPCircularBufferSpace(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
int TPCircularBufferSpaceContiguous(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
// Reading (consuming)
int TPCircularBufferTail(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
void TPCircularBufferConsume(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int amount);
void TPCircularBufferConsumeSingleThread(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int amount);
// Writing (producing)
int TPCircularBufferHead(TPCircularBufferRecord *record);
void TPCircularBufferProduce(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int amount);
void TPCircularBufferProduceSingleThread(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int amount);
int TPCircularBufferProduceBytes(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, void* dst, const void* src, int count, int len);
// tz for resetting tail
void TPCircularBufferSetTail(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int32_t position, int32_t count);
int TPCircularBufferLength(TPCircularBufferRecord *record );
void TPCircularBufferProduceAnywhere(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int amount);
void TPCircularBufferConsumeAnywhere(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int amount);
void TPCircularBufferSetTailAnywhere(TPCircularBufferRecord *record, int32_t position );
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