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DTrace is a great tool, and I'm not always that great, when you want to use jstack with a nodejs app you need to make sure that dtrace translates symbols before the traced process exits. If you're profiling a benchmark script or similar you can use the -p option of DTrace to make sure it waits for the process to exit.

This script enforces that concept by using child_process.fork which inherently doesn't exit unless the child actually calls process.exit

You can also use the --timer option and specify an amount of time to let DTrace sample, or you can use tick-60s { exit(0); } in your DTrace script and when DTrace exits it will kill the forked child.

It also has a --profile option which will automatically run the common DTrace receipe for profiling a nodejs app: profile-97/execname == "node" && arg1/{@[jstack(100, 8000)] = count(); } tick-60s { exit(0); }

Otherwise you can pass your normal -n and -s options and they will be passed as is to DTrace. All arguments passed after -- will be passed as arguments to the module to be traced.

In the future it will also have a --stackvis option that will produce the flamegraph as well

Any unrecognized options (before --) are passed as is to DTrace


./dtraceit --profile -- benchmark stock 1 100 > stacks.out
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