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0.7.0: 2014-08-05 Greg Slepak <>
* `native-dns-packet` 0.0.4 -> 0.1.1
* `native-dns-cache` 0.0.1 -> 0.0.2
* `ipaddr.js` 0.1.1 -> 0.1.3
* Updated authors in `package.json`
* Fixed specification of dependency versions in `package.json`
* See changes from `native-dns-packet` for what's new
+ TLDR: many bug fixes, performance improvements.
better EDNS support, TLSA support, fixed TXT.
* Merged `tjfontaine/master` (adds LICENSE file)
2013-03-23 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Add SPF record type, same as TXT
* Emit platform ready on windows (Oleg Elifantiev)
* Split packet parsing into its own library
* Split caching into its own library
2013-03-03 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Assert missing fields
* Truncate integer fields
2013-02-14 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.4.1
* Disable caching for now
* Fix AAAA packing of records
2013-01-09 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.4.0
* Fix TCPServer
* Split dependencies out of package
* Refactor Cache and MemoryStore
* Export Lookup function
2012-12-23 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.3.4
* Update buffercursor to 0.0.5
* Allow creation of NAPTR records
2012-12-07 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.3.3
* Make cache layer more generic
2012-12-06 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.3.2
* Revamp benchmark script
* Properly set EDNS0 options
* Don't overrite `type` and `class` fields of a record
2012-09-25 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.3.1
* Fix win32 to set the actual hostsfiel
2012-09-17 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.3.0
* Add more tests and benchmark
* More compatible with c-ares
* Add rudimentary in-memory cache
* Add NAPTR record type
* On > 0.8 make sockets be unref for faster destructing
2012-07-22 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.2.0
* Rewrite outbound queue to be simpler
2012-07-08 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.1.0
* State machine to encode and decode packets
2012-03-20 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.0.7
* Ignore requests/responses less than the minimal size of a query [server, client]
* Remove clone dependency [module]
* Embed ipaddr.js [module]
* Fix label parsing [client, server]
* Long query names should result in ENOTFOUND [client]
* resolve(..., 'PTR') should use reverse, reverse should check hosts [client]
* Autopromote should work for eDNS packets as well [client, server]
* Fix server socket assignment [server]
* toString to various types to produce dig like output [client, server]
* Conosolidate various sources files into logical groups [module]
* Lint to match upstream's style [module]
2012-03-06 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.0.6
* Split TCP/UDP Server, expose as createTCPServer/createUDPServer [server, module]
* Request server may just be an string of an ip address [client]
* Question type may be a string of record type [client]
* Don't watch for resolve/hosts changes by default [client]
* Add mechanism to forcibly reload the platform [client]
* Add unready event that is fired when reinitializing platform [client]
* Expose platform [module]
2012-03-01 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.0.5
* Add test suite [module] (issue #12)
* Add qtypeToName/nameToQtype for convenience [module]
* Add Request mechanism to cusotmize queries [module]
* Add field name, buffer, and position to [un]pack errors [module]
* Add PendingRequests.autopromote to always promote ResourceRecords [module]
* Fix Platform.search_path it should be an array [client]
2012-02-25 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.0.4
* Add clone dependency (it's used in client) [module]
* Don't instantiate fields for every question [client, server] (issue #8)
* Allocate only the size Buffer needed for Packet [client, server]
2012-02-24 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.0.3
* Considerable performance increase [client, server] (issue #8)
* Label compression is case sensitive [client, server]
* Remove dependency on clone and pystruct [client, server]
* Consolidate TCP logic [client, server] (issue #3)
2012-02-14 Timothy J Fontaine <>
* Bump to v0.0.2
* Add rudimentary TCP support [client, server]
* Rate limit queries to name servers [client]
* Single buffer creation for message packing [client, server]
* Label compression [client, server]
* Expose consts for use by servers [module]
* Specify specific server for querying against [client]
* Remove dependency on bufferjs [module]
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