Zippy Zipper -- Generic Python Multi-Threaded Compression Frontend
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Zippy Zipper - ZpyZpr - zz (zzg, zzb) - A multi-process/threaded compression utility

Zippy Zipper makes use of the design features of gzip and bzip2 that allow many
compressed pieces of a source file to be concatenated together and result in a valid
compressed file. ZpyZpr relies only on the zlib and bz2 modules for the compression
logic. ZpyZpr falls back to the threading module which may or may not distribute
over your cores/cpus. To avoid limitations from threading ZpyZpr can use the
multiprocessing module available in Python >= 2.6, failing that it will use the
processing module ( on Python <= 2.5. Using
the processing modules causes ZpyZpr to spawn multiple Python processes which allow
the operating system to distribute the load over your cores/cpus.

Benchmark --
On a 952360960 byte (909MB) tar of a filesystem compression level 6
    Util    Time          Size
    gzip    1m:14.671s    570952697
    zpyzpr  0m:40.605s    570902159
    delta   -34.066s      -50538

    bzip2   3m:56.570s    552406368
    zpyzpr  2m:08.820s    554363293

    delta   -107.75s      +1956925