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This website is my personal sandbox and digital junk drawer. It was compiled using the Jekyll static-site generator.

See it live at:

Project Structure

├── _includes
├── _layouts
├── _plugins
├── _posts
├── _projects
├── _sass
├── assets
│   └── js
└── css
  • _includes and _layouts are templates that Jekyll uses to generate layout classes and page styles based on YAML Front Matter.
  • _plugins is for any extra plugins used by jekyll. I've added a Gist plugin, so gists can easily be embedded.
  • Each project and post get its own .md file in the appropriate folder.
  • _sass files are compiled to the main css file in the css folder.
  • Any custom or project-specific javascript is loaded on an as-needed basis from assets/js. Project files are stored in subfolders of /assets/.
  • Standalone pages (about, blog list, connect, etc) have their own individual .md files in the project root.
  • I'm using a modified version of BEM syntax and atomic design to separate my stylesheets. It helps keep selector scope sane, and avoids ugly !importants, @extends, and the like.

Local Development

Clone the repository. From the main directory:

$ jekyll build -w
$ jekyll serve

Visit localhost:4000 in your browser.


  • write walkthrough for the file cabinet
  • add audio-reactive stills & video for mike's sounds
    • is it possible to embed processing without using processing.js or p5?
  • add short walkthrough about drupal helper classes
  • do a project with d3
  • atom plugin for css colors in editor gutter