material for the Deal.II Users and Developers Training 2016 at ICTP
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P2.5 - The Finite Element Method Using deal.II

This repository contains the assignements and workspaces for the course P2.5

Please refer to the material on the moodle P2.5_The_Finite_Element_Method_Using_deal.II_

Course key: Mhpc;2015-2016k3y

New material will be uploaded frequently,

Remember to set a second remote

.. code::

git remote add P2.5_seed


.. code::

git remote add P2.5_seed

and to

.. code::

git pull P2.5_seed master

in the morning.

.. _P2.5_The_Finite_Element_Method_Using_deal.II :

Running deal.II on Ulysses

If you have access to Uylsses, you can add the following to your .bashrc:

. /home/mathlab/gnu.conf

This will export all libraries required by deal.II, and the latest (development git) version of deal.II.