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Telegram stickers public API
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Telegram Stickers API

This is basically a wrapper around the Telegram Bot API that only provides access to sticker data.

It aggressively caches sticker image data both on-disk and in the Cache-Control header, both to save requests to Telegram and to save requests from clients.

It is suitable for public use -- no API tokens are required.


  • Public sticker API
  • Automatically handles WebP -> PNG conversion
  • Aggressive file caching for fast response times
  • Pre-set CORS headers -- use it in client-side JS immediately


Create config.json:

  "BOT_TOKEN": "Something",
  "CACHE_TIME": 3600


npm install
node index

In production, you can use environment variables instead of config.json.

Then, simply use these endpoints:

GET /pack/:name
GET /sticker/:id.png


(Please do not use in production. It is not stable and may go down at any time. It is simply for demonstration purposes.)


A Dockerfile is included in this repo, but prebuilt images are available:

docker pull tjhorner/tstickers-api:latest

For your reference, a sample docker-compose.yml is also included.

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