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@duckduckgo @StudentRND @ponydevs @CaffeinatedInsomniacs @AndroidTG
TJ Bahia tjtheoverlord

Lover of both human and computer languages

California, USA

Luke Skinner Lukeskins

A kid on the internet

San Diego, CA

Ben Benjarobbi

likes cats, <3 Xiaomi. editing code is love? :8ball:

Worker for my own cat. Cat's home.

Alexander Ahmann mathmare

Home of whatever I'm up to this week.

New York, NY

Mohammed Abdulwahhab furkhan324

"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

CS @ UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Chris Guillott chrjguill

Compsci / Web Science student at RPI. Class of 2019.

Mubarak Adeshina IMAM mubarakadeimam

A mathematical analyst, in love with books, feels at ease with computers, cares for the oppressed.

CodEaisy Technologies Limited Ilorin, Nigeria

Attila Bakos a-bakos

auto(didact|telic) web dev; twitter: @abakosinfo

Plymouth, UK


Student @ RIT Kottayam Thiruvalla,Kerala,India

PLG Gurzeh

C/C++ programmer.

Paris, France

Willem Jan Faber WillemJan

Just this guy, you know?

Treble Sketch ILM126

Now working on C# Unity Games and PHP/Laravel projects! And Ponies!! :D

Poniverse Networks Australia

Victor Lourng LabLayers

I build cool things for the internets.

Unicorn Forge Philly

Tech Guy Software TGSoftware

NOTE: My project updates are moving to NotABug to support open-source software/increase awareness. I am still contributing to projects only available on GitHub.

William Teder williamtdr

Full stack web developer! Love making big apps, attending hackathons, and using JS.

@Hydreon Minnesota, US

Hayden Andreyka Technoguyfication

GitHub has a bio feature now?

Arizona, United States

Alexander Salas Bastidas ajsb85

Progressive Web Developer at @flyve-mdm

Teclib' / @teclib Barcelona, Spain

Alex Bennett alexUXUI

Software dev. at mapquest

Universal Mind Denver

Krish Munot KrishMunot

I love to build stuff, which you can see quite evidently here

Amie Lynn stoked-zz San Francisco, CA

Christian Ng Laserbear

Research Intern at UC Berkeley

San Francisco

Suriya (kill3r) suriya73

Security researcher | Suspicious Shell Activity | OSCP | ISMS 27001 .

@Suspicious Shell Activity india

Uli Riehm metadings


metadings, Germany Germany

Zakaria Ridouh ZakariaRidouh

Open source lover. I โค๏ธ to work on Javascript and Python ๐Ÿ (+ more) projects! I also love soccer โšฝ .

Fremont CA

Glenn Ren GlennRen

Interested in web development, computer vision and IoT.

Poolesville '17 Washington DC

Brett Neese brettneese

art and devops

HBK Engineering somewhere over the rainbow

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Oz Haven therebelrobot

(Trent Oswald) Node and frontend JS, branching out into Go, Lua, & blockchain. Maker of web things @segmentio #opensource

Segment Bay Area

Nicolas Feller nrkfeller

Gopher - TEDxer - Software geek - Yogi - Researcher

Montreal, Canada

Suriyaa Kudo SuriyaaKudoIsc

Founder of @iSCGroup & of many startups. Coder. :heart: @Git & @GitHub :octocat:. He is making open web technologies accessible to everyone.

iSC Enterprise Group (iEG) Munich & San Francisco + โœˆ