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Manifold is a program for creating paper fold-up models
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Man, I Fold

Manifold is a program for creating paper fold-up models. For example, here is a model that can be folded up into a dodecahedron:


To run manifold, first install and configure go, then

go run manifold.go

Manifold is a keyboard-driven web application available at localhost:1999. Use the keys 3-9 to add a regular polygon to your model. Once a polygon has been inserted, an edge on the perimeter of the model will be highlighted as a red arrow; this is called the cursor. The cursor indicates where the next polygon will be added to the model. You can move the cursor forward and backward along the perimeter of the model using the f and b keys. Reverse the direction of the cursor with r. Add a tab (for gluing the edges of the model together) with t. You can start fresh by hitting z.

Once you are satisfied with the model, save it to the file hello.svg by entering s. (There is no way to use another filename.) You can open this file with your browser, print it, cut it out, fold it, and glue it together. Or you can use a paper cutting machine to do all of the cutting. (I have tested this with a Silhouette Cameo.)

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