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Fix two more bits of cruft from the git user's manual.

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1 parent 88e66d7 commit 074186a7a95a7486c0e506d413de409e853671df @tjkirch committed Dec 17, 2008
@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ single mailbox file, say "patches.mbox", then run
$ git am -3 patches.mbox
Git will apply each patch in order; if any conflicts are found, it
-will stop, and you can fix the conflicts as described in
-"<<resolving-a-merge,Resolving a merge>>". (The "-3" option tells
+will stop, and you can manually fix the conflicts and
+resolve the merge. (The "-3" option tells
git to perform a merge; if you would prefer it just to abort and
leave your tree and index untouched, you may omit that option.)
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ properties:
associated with sufficient information about the trees involved that
you can create a three-way merge between them.
- We saw in <<conflict-resolution>> that during a merge the index can
+ During a merge, the index can
store multiple versions of a single file (called "stages"). The third
column in the linkgit:git-ls-files[1] output above is the stage
number, and will take on values other than 0 for files with merge

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