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cddaread - utility to read audio track(s) from CD into digital audio file (SGI IRIX)
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configure fixes for irix 5.3 support...
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CDDAread v1.4 for SGI   Copyright (c)  Timo Kokkonen, 1996-1998.

CD-DA to digital audio file conversion utility for SGI

	IRIX 5.3
	IRIX 6.2 
	IRIX 6.3 (since IRIX 6.3 supports mounting of cdda, probably no
	          much use for this program...)

        Installation should be very straightforward, just unpack the
        tar file. For example you could do this:

                zcat cddaread-1.4.tar.gz | tar xf -
                cd cddaread-1.4

	If you want to use the precompiled binary (mips-sgi-irix6.2)
	that (hopefully :) comes with the distribution, just type:

		make install

	To compile the program yourself (highly recommended). You
	may want do something like this:

		make clean
                make strip
                make install

	v1.4   - now uses GNU autoconf and long options,
	         support for 3 new output file formats: NeXt/Sun, 
		 MPEG-1 audio layer I & II (Irix 6.2 and later only).
	v1.3   - new usage for -t option, now it's possible to specify
		 which tracks to read, also put the source under RCS...
	v1.2.1 - bug fix, v1.2 broke -a and normal modes
	v1.2   - new option -A, some minor fixes, included preformatted
		 man page
	v1.1   - better disc information display (-i and  -I options),
		 program now detects CD-ROM discs correctly.
	v1.0   - first public release, added support for AIFF format.


	Latest version is 'always' available from:

Timo <>
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