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Jpegoptim v1.4.6 - Copyright (C) Timo Kokkonen, 1996-2018. All Rights Reserved.
Independent JPEG Group's jpeg library (libjpeg) version 6b or later.
(Alternatively should also work with libjpeg-turbo or mozjpeg)
Darwin/OS X j
Windows (setargv.obj "link option" may be needed for wildcards expansion to work)
Installation should be very straightforward, just unpack the
tar file, make necessary changes to the Makefile, and then
compile the program. You may wanna do something like this:
zcat jpegoptim-1.4.6.tar.gz | tar xf -
cd jpegoptim-1.4.6
make strip
make install
v1.4.6 - fix double free introduced in previous release
v1.4.5 - fix --overwrite option,
better error reporting for -d option,
fix memcmp() potentially reading past end of buffer,
some minor fixes
v1.4.4 - more detailed error messages (thanks to Denis Fateyev),
CMake support (thanks to Ghostkeeper),
other minor fixes
v1.4.3 - fix bug that could cause jpegoptim crash when processing
certain jpeg files
v1.4.2 - add option -P, --preserve-perms,
some minor fixes
v1.4.1 - fix --stdin option (assume -f when reading from stdin),
workaround to bug in libjpeg-turboi (v1.3.1) triggered
when option -V or --version was used,
other minor fixes
v1.4.0 - use memory (instead of temporary files) during optimization,
support for reading input from stdin (and sending output to
report also libjpeg version when --version option used,
new option --strip-none to preserve "all" markers,
other minor fixes & cleanup
v1.3.1 - XMP marker support and new --csv option (by Matteo Croce),
use DESTDIR instead of INSTALL_ROOT (by Samuli Suominen),
changes to make compiling under Win32 and Win64
easier (thanks to Javier Gutiérrez),
preserve permissions of files being optimized,
skip symlinks (and other special files),
other minor fixes
v1.3.0 - support for progressive jpegs added (fixes long standing
"bug" of progressive jpegs becoming non-progressive during
new options --all-normal & --all-progressive for
converting jpegs to non-progressive & progressive,
new -S / --size option to set target size for output
file (enables lossy optimization),
updated GPL/Copyrights language (thanks to Nicolas Vieville)
v1.2.5 - safer temp file handling (if mkstemps() available),
patch to make "quiet mode" (-q) be quiet by Mathieu Malaterre
v1.2.4 - new -T / --threshold option by Matteo Croce,
minor fixes (potential memory leaks),
merged some patches from Debian jpegoptim package (1.2.3-2)
v1.2.3 - IPTC marker support by Dustin Ward,
ICC profile support by Dwight Kelly,
minor fixes
v1.2.2 - Now Exif and COM markers are not discarded
(all other markers are discarded as before).
New options --strip-all, --strip-exif, and --strip-com
added for controlling what markers to strip.
v1.2.1 - fixed buggy temp file handling
v1.2.0 - Added new options --overwrite and --preserve.
GNU autoconf support added, also.
v1.1 - new -f option, and other minor changes, improved
support for other platforms
v1.0a - some changes in docs & makefile
v1.0 - first public release
Latest version is always available from:
Sources (GIT)
Timo <>
17-Apr-2018 $Id$