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Welcome to the nxgipd wiki!

nxgipd is a monitoring daemon for Caddx / GE Security / UTC Interlogix NetworX series alarm systems that use the Networx NX-584 protocol.

Tested Hardware

Alarm Panels

This program should work on all NX-series Alarm panels (NX-4, NX-6, NX-8, NX-8E, ..) Below is list of panels that have been confirmed to work:

Panel Model Firmware Version Notes
NX-4 V2 1.08
NX-6 V2 1.09
NX-8 V2 1.05
NX-8E 19.0 Using internal serial port, no need for NX-584
CS575 11.0 (?) European panel (Aritech)

Firmware version can usually be found on sticker on the alarm board itself. (If you know other way to find out the alarm panel firmware version please share...)

NX-584 Firmware Versions

Known NX-584 interface firmware versions and notes about them (firmware version reported by nxgipd is the interface firmware version not the panel firmware version). Please share if you come across different firmware versions. Firmware version gets logged when nxgipd starts, but also shows up as "Firmware version" when running nxstat command.

Firmware Version Interface (NX-584/NX-8E) Notes
1.06 NX-584 no major issues, except bug with receiving keystrokes from keypad in terminal mode not working
2.00 NX-584 main functions work - not all keypad commands have been tested
5.38 NX-8E works ok (NX-8E firmware v19.0)

How can I help?

  • Please contribute to the wiki if you have nxgipd successfully working on a panel/firmware combination not listed here.

  • If you have access to newer NX-584 protocol specification than one from Apr 3, 2000. That could be helpful.

  • Fork nxgipd and add your enhancements, and submit patches/pull requests...

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