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Monitoring Sunspec compatible Solar Inverters over Modbus TCP. This is collection of Perl scripts to monitor Inverter status and to log production data.

Included tools:

  • sunspec-status

Known to work with following Inverters:

Manufacturer Model Firmware Version Notes
SolarEdge SE11400 3.2251 works ok
SolarEdge SE11400 3.2180 works ok, intermitted inverter error status reported if multiple meters connected
SolarEdge SE11400 3.1968 often first connection fails, but subsequent connections work
SolarEdge SE7600 3.2305 works ok
SolarEdge SE6000 3.2251 works ok
SolarEdge SE3680 3.2228 works ok
SolarEdge SE3680 3.2016 works ok
SolarEdge SE3500 3.2186 works ok
SolarEdge SE3500 3.2173 often first connection fails, but subseuqent connetions work

Known to work with following Meters:

Manufacturer Model Firmware Version Notes
WattNode RWND-3D-240-MB 25 works ok
WattNode WNC-3D-240-MB 24 doesnt appear to work (as "Export+Import" meter) ?
WattNode WNC-3Y-400-MB 24 works ok (for help see #4)
WattNode WND-3Y-400-MB 25 doesnt appear to work (as "Export+Import" meter) ?

This script should work with any inverter that supports Modbus TCP and Sunspec standard...



This is simple script to query Inverter (and production/consumption meter) status. Script can be used interactively to display inverter status and details. Or alternatively it can be used to log production data into a CSV formatted file. CSV format is the default, but output in JSON format is also available.

If there is second (import/export) meter also connected to the inverter it is possible to query it as well. Default is to query meter in address 1. To query also second meter option -m 1,2 can be used. If no meter is installed -m 0 can be used to skip querying any meter.

StorEdge battery status can be also reported if one is installed. To enable display of battery status option -b can be used. This support was contributed by Ilker Deligoz.


syntax: sunspec-status [options] <host>

 --port=<port>, -p <port>            Use port (default 502)
 --address=<addr>, -a <addr>         Modbus Address (default 1)
 --meter=<meter>, -m <meter>         Query meter (default 1) 
                                      (meter = 1..3  or 0 = no meter)
 --phase=<phase>, -P <phase>         Report PF for single phase only
                                      (phase = A,B,C)
 --battery, -b                       Query battery status
 --numeric, -n                       Numeric output mode (time, status)
 --json, -j                          Output in JSON (instead of CSV) format
 --timeout=<sec>, -t <sec>           Timeout (default 10)
 --output=<filename>, -f <filename>  Append results to a file
 --verbose, -v                       Verbose mode
 --debug, -d                         Debug mode (dump raw Sunspec register values)


To query Inverter information and current status -v (or --verbose) option can be used:

# sunspec-status -v myinverter

             Model: SolarEdge  SE11400
  Firmware version: 3.1968
     Serial Number: 7Dxxxxxx

            Status: ON (MPPT)

 Power Output (AC):         8014 W
  Power Input (DC):         8136 W
        Efficiency:        98.50 %
  Total Production:      148.122 kWh
      Voltage (AC):       239.50 V (59.95 Hz)
      Current (AC):        33.64 A
      Voltage (DC):       360.60 V
      Current (DC):        22.56 A
       Temperature:        53.97 C (heatsink)

METER (#1):
             Model: WattNode RWND-3D-240-MB
            Option: Production
  Firmware version: 25
     Serial Number: 40xxxxx

   Exported Energy:      148.457 kWh
   Imported Energy:        0.012 kWh
        Real Power:         8026 W
    Apparent Power:         8031 VA
      Power Factor:         1.00
      Voltage (AC):       239.90 V (60.00 Hz)
      Current (AC):        33.39 A

To get inverter status information in CSV format simply invoke script withouth --verbose (or --debug) options.

CSV output is in following format:

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Values timestamp status ac_power dc_power total_production ac_voltage ac_current dc_voltage dc_current temperature exported_energy_m1 imporoted_energy_m1 exported_energy_m2 imported_energy_m2

Example output:

# sunspec-status myinverter
2018-01-30 13:42:01,ON,8007,8128,148275,237.90,33.71,359.90,22.58,54.21,148609,12,0,0
# sunspec-status -n myinverter

To log data every five minutes following cronjob could be used:

*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/sunspec-status myinverter >> /var/log/myinverter.csv &

If there is two meters in the system (typically a production meter and a second import/export meter at grid connection point) both can be queried simultaneously:

# sunspec-status -m 1,2 myinverter
2018-01-30 13:42:01,ON,8007,8128,148275,237.90,33.71,359.90,22.58,54.21,148609,12,35603,8471


Monitoring Sunspec (Modbus TCP) compatible Solar Inverters








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