Engine Yard Cloud custom recipe for changing the Passenger worker count and memory limit
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No longer needed!

This recipe is redundant now. Opening a ticket with Support can get you the worker counts and memory limits you require, without needing to use this custom recipe.

Please see https://support.cloud.engineyard.com/entries/23852283-Worker-Allocation-on-Engine-Yard-Cloud for further details on how to find your best worker count and how to get it changed from the defaults.


This cookbook is an example that can be used to change the passenger worker count and reconfigure passenger_monitor. In this case, we are reducing the worker count and increasing the memory limit on passenger_monitor so that an app that has high memory requirements can run without being killed for bloating.


  • Clone this repo, then copy this directory into your custom cookbooks directory.
  • Change the variables at the top of recipes/default.rb to match your app, desired worker count and memory limits
  • Then edit your custom cookbook main/recipes/default.rb and add require_recipe "ey-passenger-tweaks"


  • The syntax in this recipe is set to work with our cookbooks version >=1.1.116 if you are running any older version of the main cookbooks, then the memory_limit variable in the recipe needs to be provided in bytes, not MB
  • This recipe is only made to work with a single app, as it's more of a proof of concept. It could be tweaked to loop through each app when creating the cron tasks, but it is not advisable to reduce worker count in a multi-app environment, as you may not have enough workers to serve requests
  • You will restart Nginx twice on every Chef run with this recipe. If that is a problem then you will need to investigate keep-filing nginx.conf and loading up a custom stack config (maybe custom-stack.conf, rather than stack.conf)