Make sure that a Mac’s “Restart After Power Failure” setting is always enabled.
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Purpose: This script will install a launchd plist to check to make sure that the Mac is set to restart automatically after a power failure

OS X version 10.11.3 Energy Saver Preference Panel

OS X has a setting which is designed to automatically restart a Mac if the power goes out. However, for some reason this feature keeps getting set to “off” even after the user has set it “on”. In order to alleviate that problem, this script (and a launchd plist) will periodically tell the computer to turn that feature on. (If the setting was already on, it will stay on; if it was not on, it will be enabled.)

Check Before Usage

Some Macs, such as the MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015), do not support this feature. Look for a setting in System under “Energy Saver” for a setting like the one shown above.

You can also run this command in Terminal:

sudo /usr/sbin/systemsetup -setrestartpowerfailure on

(You will be prompted to enter your administrator password, this is the password you use to log in on your Mac.)

You should see

setrestartpowerfailure: On

If you see

Restart After Power Failure: Not supported on this machine.

then you should not use this script (no harm will be done, it’s just not useful).

Requires Administrator Permissions

Due to OS X’s requirements, parts of the script must be run as an administrator which is accomplished using 'sudo' command.

(If you want to see what this is going to do, take a look at

License and (Lack of) Warranty

This script and its related plist are released free of charge for anyone to use, modify, and change it in any way they see fit. All I ask if that my name be listed as a contributor and a link to the original at be included.

This script comes without any guarantee/warranty/etc, expressed or implied.

Use at your own risk.

How to install/run

  1. Launch "/Applications/Utilities/"

  2. Copy and paste this line:

/bin/zsh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

How to stop/uninstall

  1. Launch "/Applications/Utilities/"

  2. Copy and paste this line:

/bin/zsh -c "$(curl -fsSL"