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FlowTest for OpenVBX

FlowTest allows you to test OpenVBX Call Flows - as well as the text-to-speech engine - using the new OpenVBX Browser Phone. Instead of dialing in multiple times as you tweak your flows, you can can now test without even using your phone.

When you start testing, the OpenVBX Browser Phone will ring, but once it's answered, you can continue to test different flows or the text-to-speech engine while the call is ongoing.

The FlowTest link will be on the OpenVBX Admin menu.

Screencast of the FlowTest Plugin.


Requires OpenVBX >= 1.0

From the Plugin section of the OpenVBX site.

  1. Download the plugin to /plugins and unzip
  2. Launch your OpenVBX installation
  3. Navigate to Settings in the Admin section
  4. Select the Plugins tab
  5. Select the "Configure" link next to your plugin to ensure installation was successful, and configure any settings



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