Really simple view renderer for PHP templates.
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A very simple rendered for PHP based templates. Not a template language, just a simple wrapper that handles undefined template variables, helper functions, and turing a phtml file into a string.

If you're using some kind of framework, you probably shouldn't be using this. I threw this together to be pasted (yes, pasted, if you have composer up and running, pull in a real template library) into exsisting legacy projects and turn classic HTML with embedded PHP into a bit more up-to-date PHP rendered templates.


  • Set View Variables
  • Set View Helpers
  • Render Template in Layout



$render = new Render('layout.phtml');
$render->name = 'Tim';
$render->message = 'This is a secret message';
$render->encode = function($value){
    return str_rot13($value);

echo $render('template.phtml');


  <head>Example Layout</head>
    <h1>My Old Site</h1>
    <div><?php echo $this->content; ?></div>


<p>Hi <?php echo $this->name ?>, welcome back.</p>
<p>Here's your secret message: <?php echo $this->encode($this->message); ?></p>